In a 2014 survey on living with chronic diseases in Canada, there was an estimated 3 million Canadians (11.6%) aged 18 years or older reported that they had a mood and/or anxiety disorder. More than a quarter (27%) Reported that their disorders affected their quality of life in the previous 12months. Most people with a mood or/and anxiety disorder are currently taking or have taken prescription drugs.

CBD Studies and why there is such huge potential in CBD for anxiety

There is no lack of evidence that CBD can help anxiety but the long term and major studies simply have not been done yet. This is why it’s not fully supported by the government and pharma yet but as you can see below they have been looking into CBD for a while (even before the first study was posted). All traditional medicine originally came from a plant somewhere, so there is hardly a doubt there is huge potential in CBD especially with all the benefits we KNOW about its cousin THC.

2019 study was done to determine whether CBD helps improve sleep and/or anxiety in a clinical population. The study was done on 103 adult patients. The conclusion to the study was CBD displays promise as a tool for reducing anxiety in clinical populations.

2016 case study looked if CBD could reduce some symptoms of PTSD and anxiety provoked sleep disorder in a child with a history of trauma. It concluded that CBD reduced the child’s anxiety and helped her sleep.

Research published in 2014 found that cannabidiol (CBD) oil had anti-anxiety effects in an animal model.

2011 study found that CBD (cannabidiol) could reduce social anxiety. For this specific study, researchers looked at cannabidiol to treat anxiety associated with public speaking

Those statistics alone are pretty alarming when you think about it. I personally have experienced anxiety in my life which is why I’m pretty happy to be writing this article as I know exactly what you have been going through. I lived my whole life without having anxiety but I lead a very stressful life with work and home life and one day out of the blue I developed anxiety and panic attacks. It changed my life from that point on. It’s hard to explain to someone in your life what exactly you are going through and that’s part of the reason why I am assuming you are doing some research on the best CBD oil for anxiety. It’s debilitating! Trust me I know that. Many of our clients who are currently purchasing from us are going through anxiety. Before opening this business I never met so many people suffering from anxiety, but now I meet them all the time and I’m so glad we get to help them.

So, you are doing research on the Best CBD oil for anxiety. That’s a very broad term but hopefully, I can explain through the rest of this article why you should buy it from us. Hopefully, I can gain your confidence and show you why we care and the type of products we bring in.

I assume to this point you have done your research on CBD already. If you are searching for the best CBD oil for anxiety then I assume to this point that you know what the basics of CBD are. If that’s the case I won’t dive deep into CBD and what it is. If you are interested in that we have plenty of blog articles that you are more than welcome to look at or contact us for further info!

CBD OIL is best for anxiety or is there other options?

That’s a good question! I assume you got to this page while doing some research on what the best CBD oil for anxiety is, but during your research did you know there are more products than just CBD oil? There are a few products such as OIL which is a tincture (drops in your mouth). There are also gummies that are ingestable and going further there are vape pens and CBD vape juices you can buy. So this leads us to your first decision, which method of taking your CBD is right for you.


Here is a great little diagram showing you the different methods of TAKING CBD, to begin with.

best cbd oil for anxiety

You can see from the diagram above there are vaporizers (e-liquid) which you would use in a vape pen or a disposable pen or Sublingual (oil) drops which you would put under your tongue (which is what you are trying to find out about now), there are topical applications, and then there are oral capsules.

CBD Vape Juice

cbd vape ejuice
CBDFX Vape Ejuice

The CBD e-liquid usually works best when someone is already using a vape device. They know how it works and they are used to using a vape pen. The advantage of the vape pen with a CBD e-liquid you can see from the image above is that it’s fast-acting (almost immediately). This is also great for the disposable vape pens we have. Maybe you are a smoker or smoke marijuana and do not mind vaping then this might be a good method for you. The CBD doses are usually lower but the effect time is VERY quick but they usually do not last as long before needing to use it again.

CBD Oil Canada

cbd oil canada
CBDfx wellness tincture

The sublingual or OIL is what you are most likely researching. This is probably one of the easiest and preferred methods among users. The CBD oil is pretty easy to use and you can change your dosage on the fly by taking more or less of the dropper. I would say the BEST oils have MCT oil and are organically grown hemp and of course come with third-party lab results on their liquids so you can be assured not only the quality but the accuracy. Let’s be honest with each other, CBD liquid is not cheap. I assume you want to know what your buying actually contains the full amount of what you think it is right? This is where lab testing comes into play. The CBD oil you can see from the chart works pretty well and comes in varying MG levels and works pretty quickly (within 20-40 minutes). If you are new to CBD and do not know how to use it I would suggest you read our article about how to use CBD: Microdosing 

CBD Pills Canada

cbd capsules canada
CBDfx CBD Capsules

CBD Pills or capsules round out out the last method for taking CBD. The effect time for this is usually the longest because you are ingesting the CBD into your stomach and it has to break down the pill and the CBD to absorb into your blood. While this might be the longest effect time it lasts longer than anything else, you can get higher dosages quickly, if you hate the taste of the oil this again is a great method.


Now that you know the methods, what is the best oil for anxiety?

Hopefully, I was able to educate you a little bit in the past bit regarding the different types of CBD products you can buy so this is where I get into what is the best oil for anxiety. There is no clear answer here, I’m sorry. It comes down to your confidence in the company. CBD oil is pretty much all the same but the method in which it’s presented is different from company to company. Do you want organic CBD products which you know hemp/cannabis has been grown organically and does not contain pesticides or harmful chemicals? Do you want to know the carrier liquid is high quality such as MCT OIL which is also good for your body and your brain? Do you want to know your liquids have gone through TONS of testing and third-party lab testing for accuracy and quality? Do you want a brand that has helped thousands of people already? Do you want a CBD brand that stands behind its products?

CBDfx is a company we chose to resell for here in Canada among ALL the ones we could have chosen because they answered YES to all those questions in the previous paragraph. We do not mind spending a little bit more on quality because we know at the end of the day the consumer cares about what they put into their body and WE care about what we sell to that consumer.

I hope I was able to educate you a little bit. You might have noticed I linked to all our products in the previous paragraphs so you can do further research into each product. If you are looking for the best CBD oil for anxiety in Canada rest assured you found the top quality available to you. Hopefully, together we can get your anxiety to a more manageable spot or hopefully reduced all together so you can live a better life. Finding the best CBD for anxiety is only the first step and going forward after you make your decision on what you want to buy hopefully we can help you know how to use that product.

This is just one blog one many we have written so by all means take a look around our website and ask us questions if you need to. We ship Canada-wide!