I cannot tell you your reason for being on this site and reading this article. I can tell you though that you have made a great choice by being one of the many dog owners to take the step out and try something other than prescription drugs for your pet. CBD is a plant powered approach.

We live in a world where it’s all too often a push for prescription drugs without really asking ourselves if there is a better way. CBD is a natural alternative.

You landed on this article though likely because you have already made this investment in CBD for your pet and looking for the correct CBD dosage. If your CBD products do not mention any kind of dosage information, then let’s go deeper into this conversation and see if there is a one dog fits all model for administering CBD, or if it’s open to playing around with some trial and error.

You are probably aware already that there are many CBD options for your furry companions. These options include CBD oil, CBD dog treats, and even CBD capsules. CBD is used to treat a variety of ailments which include but are not limited to health conditions such as severe pain, joint pain, anxiety, cancer, behavior disorders, and much more. You are likely on this page because you purchased a CBD oil and are researching a CBD oil dosage chart or CBD oil dosage recommendations. You have come to the right place because we are not only going to give you that information but teach you something about CBD along the way!

Tell me the recommended dose of CBD for dogs?

CBD dose for dogs

This is a fairly big misconception when it comes to using oil for the first time. Like humans, our furry companions have unique needs when it comes to supplements which include CBD. Some of these variables are because of the pet’s size and body weight. The dog’s weight certainly influences how much CBD oil the dog owners need to dose for their dog. The correct dosage is not always as easy as a number on a bottle but it does give us approximate guidelines.

Here is an example of how to think about it another way. If you and a friend went out for drinks you might have different tolerances when it comes to alcohol. You both weigh the same, both the same age, and both are healthy adults. You might be able to have 5 drinks without feeling anything and your friend might be done at 2. The same thing can also be said about our animals. The right CBD dose is not always about simply a number, but again it gives us a good guideline.

Keep reading below and we will get into this conversation a little more and hopefully, we can open your eyes to the proper CBD dosage for dogs.

What MG CBD bottle should I purchase?

Mg cbd for dogs

You will be dosing your pets a certain mg of CBD oil. Because of this, we can know approximately how much CBD we need for either larger dogs or small dogs. While it’s important we ensure our CBD dose per mg of CBD oil is accurate, we can be a little more open with our choice of the bottle itself.

You may have already bought the CBD product or maybe you’re still thinking about it and doing your research and looking for scientific studies (good for you). If you have not purchased the CBD products for your dog yet then let me give you a recommendation for the bottle size.

  • Large Dogs – Aim for around a 30ml bottle containing roughly 1000 mg CBD oil total. This could be a body weight of 100lbs-150lbs
  • Medium Dogs – Aim for around a 30ml bottle containing roughly 500 mg CBD oil total. This could be a body weight of 35lbs to 99lbs
  • Small dogs – Aim for around a 30ml bottle containing roughly 500 mg CBD oil total. This could be a body weight of under 35 lbs

These are good averages to base your decisions on and know approximately what mg CBD bottle you need.

Tip: I would always advise someone to use the guidelines above and then, after using the product with success, you can always buy a bottle with double the concentration. The high mg CBD bottles are usually cheaper per mg CBD.

Take the approach: Starting treatment low and slow with CBD


low and slow cbd approach

Each dog and cat, and pets, in general, have different tolerances for many things, including CBD oil. Just because the label or instructions give a general guideline does not mean that’s where your starting point should be.

More CBD is not the best advice when talking about dosage. If you had 2 similar dogs and similar dog’s size, it’s possible they could use the same dosage but there is also a good chance the pets could also get good results with different dosage plans when it comes to CBD. It’s not about the mg of CBD you give but how your dog reacts to them.

If you started with the maximum dose to start, you might never know if a low dose (or regular dose) could actually be the right dose. This is why we encourage the low and slow method of administering CBD for dogs and humans alike. The low doses might actually end up being the right dosage.

One thing to remember is that pets cannot speak. Our pet cannot tell us if the dosage is too much CBD oil or too little. The only thing we can do as responsible owners is to watch and see how our dogs and cats react to the CBD dosage.

If you were using CBD for arthritis, you are likely looking for the end result of them being in less pain, walking a bit more, having less difficulty overall. This would be your expectation. By starting your dog based on a low CBD dosage and gradually working up in dosage over days or weeks you might find that the end result you wanted to accomplish at the start shows its success with half the recommended CBD dosing the bottle suggests.

There are a few situations in which a strong dose of CBD right from the start might be more acceptable such as higher-risk situations like cancer treatment or tumours. This usually requires a strong dose of CBD all the way through. If this is your situation and needing higher doses then I would suggest you talk to your veterinarian and hopefully, they can come up with a more tailored CBD dosage chart that works for your situation and dog. The general well-being of your animal is our greatest concern as I’m sure it is for you.

If we wanted to get even more confusing CBD oil dosages can change depending on the ailment you are giving your dog. We won’t go further into that rabbit hole but I wanted to ensure you know that’s always a possibility as well.

What are the best CBD oil and CBD Dog Treats?

CBD oil for dogs and dog treats

CBD products come in many types and brands and it can be often confusing knowing which ones to purchase. You want to ensure the liquid you are buying is safe, of good quality, and has the best chance of helping your animal.

  • Find a quality website retailer to purchase from, reviews are always important.
  • Make sure the CBD oil bottle you are purchasing has reviews from other pet owners
  • Make sure the company you are buying from can give you third-party lab results
  • Make sure you are buying from a company within your own country
  • Make sure the after-sales support is offered by the company, there is nothing worse than buying something and not knowing how to use the CBD product or not knowing how much oil to use or what mg of CBD is best. You want the correct dose and not a weak dose or overly strong dose
  • If you are buying a CBD product such as dog treats, keep in mind they have an expiry so just check these expiry dates when you receive your product. Your pet is the most important part of this equation and they cant read.

How Long does it take for CBD to start working?

how long does cbd take

This is a question every pet owner would love to know for their dogs and cats. There is no standard answer though and can depend on many factors. I have seen some people claim they noticed improvement within a few hours and others a few weeks. The best advice is to find the perfect dose and just monitor your dogs and cats for improvement

How Long does CBD last?

CBD can last a pretty long time in storage if it’s stored properly. CBD likes a nice cool and dark place. If you purchased a bottle from leading manufacture then it should give an expiration date. 1-2 years would be an appropriate timeline for storing, again if it’s stored properly.

What are the best CBD products?

best cbd products dog

I don’t believe there is a best product for pet owners to purchase. There are a few choices that we talked about above at the top of the article but as long as you are matching your pet’s weight with the appropriate CBD dosage then you should be fine to use whichever product you want.

Some pet owners might find giving their dog a CBD treat might be more convenient than other CBD products. A liquid CBD product might be less convenient for your dog but if you can find the right CBD dosages then you are better off in the long run and will likely save a lot more money.

Is there a dosage chart for my pet?

For anyone reading this that just wants an easy-to-follow guideline then by all means use the chart below. I would certainly encourage you to read the above comments we made about taking the low and slow approach to dosing CBD for dogs and your pet. Small pets benefit because they are so small and larger pets benefit not only them but your wallet.

cbd dosage chart for dogs and cats

Can my dog take too much CBD?

CBD is typically pretty safe but it’s never without risks. There are not many side effects we see from our own customers that chat with us after their purchase. If you give your dog too much CBD there are certain situations in which they may experience fatigue or vomiting or diarrhea.

This is just another reason to go with the low and slow method when using CBD for the first time. The mg CBD level will not need to be a concern on the higher end of things.

I would advise anyone using CBD dog treats to ensure they keep them up and away from their pets just for safe measures.

Do you have a brand of CBD for dogs you recommend?

Being a retailer of many great brands it’s often hard to choose only a few to suggest to you and your dog. Due to the fact we are not manufacturers we have the ability to pick and choose the best brands of CBD for dogs and cats to offer. Saying that, there are a few brands I’d certainly recommend to start with if you are looking to purchase your first bottle, or maybe after reading this article you’re looking to use us as your supplier.

CBDfx is a company based out of the USA. They have an excellent CBD brand we have carried for a few years geared directly to pets. They have a full lineup of CBD choices for your pet going based on body weight. Checkout the CBDfx brand here.

Creating Brighter Days is also another excellent brand that is Canadian-based, right here in BC. They have a few different lines for people looking for either a full spectrum or CBD isolate lineup. We have also been using them for a few years. Check Creating Brighter Days out here.

Are there different types of CBD?

Yes! There are generally types of CBD for your pet you will most likely see, we will describe them below.

  • Full Spectrum CBD – full spectrum includes full plant matter which also may include trace amounts of THC. THC can be harmful to your pet if it’s concentrated enough but the full spectrum CBD liquids are generally made with your pet in mind with only trace elements of THC. Nothing near what would be needed to harm your pet.
  • Broad Spectrum CBD – This typically has lots of full plant matter with the absence of THC.
  • CBD Isolate – CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and only CBD. There is no full-plant matter and no other cannabinoids other than CBD. There is no THC in these types of products.

Can I buy a CBD oil recommended for large dogs and use it for my small dog?

Yes, you certainly can! You just have to be more calculated when you are giving your smaller animal CBD from a higher concentration. As an example, if you purchased a 250mg bottle for your 20lb pet. The bottle size is typically 30ml in volume and 250mg CBD total. This means each 1ml is 8.3mg CBD. If you were to buy a 500mg bottle at the same 30ml volume, the 1ml would be 16.6mg CBD. If you were dosing your pet half a ml (0.5ml) with the 250mg bottle then one-quarter ml (1/4ml) would be the same CBD content. We do have customers do this because it’s typically cheaper to buy the more concentrated volumes.

Is the pet CBD human-grade?

It most certainly is. You could certainly use your pet’s CBD oil in a pinch if you needed to. They are marketed for dogs and cats because of the dosage per bottle. Keep in mind some will add flavouring such as bacon, so unless your a fan of that I would suggest you get your own.

If I have 2 dogs can they share the same bottle?

Certainly! There is no problem with that at all. We have many customers who buy higher strength versions to share between the pets.