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CBDfx Canada Who is CBDfx?
CBDfx is a company located in the USA which makes premium hemp derived CBD oil products including pure CBD isolate, broad spectrum CBD, and full spectrum CBD products. We are fortunate enough to be here in Canada and to be able to have access to their wide range of Organically grown, single pass C02 extracted CBD product offerings.

The owners of CBDfx

CBDfx has a very similar mission and goal as we do here at ChilliwackCBD. They simply want to provide the best quality CBD oil products in the market, at a fair price, and ensure all products are lab tested for high quality and accurate finished products.

The two owners started their journey in 2014 believing that everyone should have access to this wonderful product. Over that time and growing from their roots in California they became the second-largest privately held CBD company in the world. They have a team of over 100 employees which keeps the CBDfx brand moving forward.

Why Do We Carry CBDfx?
When we launched ChilliwackCBD in 2018, CBDfx was the first brand we ever brought in for resell. Their original mission and goals to create the best products for consumers were right in line with our own goals.

The best part is that they were one of the only companies we could find that was transparent regarding their lab testing which was one of our main criteria for bringing in new products. We wanted to ensure that consumers looking for CBD had the right data to make the right decision without any hesitation.

cbdfx canada products
Range of products

The other reason we brought CBDfx Canada in was due to their high-quality branding and packaging. We think that if you are buying a product for your health, it should look professional enough to purchase it. The product offerings they had back in 2018 were somewhat similar to what we offer currently but they are always evolving and expanding product choices including small size CBD vape pens.

The prices and MSRP they have are some of the best pricing in the industry which keeps end consumers happy knowing they are getting high-quality products for a very fair price.

CBDfx was always known for quality and we wanted to ensure most of the products we brought in were utilizing CO2 extraction technology. There are a few ways to extract CBD from hemp and they utilized the cleanest way to extract that CBD. This is important to us as we are also consumers of these products.

What type of Products Does CBDfx Canada Have?

CBDfx is one of the biggest manufactures we do business with because of the fact they offer so many broad spectrum CBD oil products in so many different categories. You can find the following products linked to CBDfx.

Due to the fact we are a leading retailer in Canada for CBDfx products, we will continue to bring in all the new products as they enter the Canadian market. The CBD vape juice and CBDfx vape pens continue to be big sellers.



CBDfx is a very future-forward company with a passion to bring the best CBD products to the market. The selection of CBD tinctures, Broad Spectrum CBD, CBD vape pens (which come fully charged) cannot be outmatched.

They are one of the most innovative companies we work with out of all our suppliers and the premium flavourings in their CBD tinctures and broad spectrum cbd oils are simply divine. Blue Raspberry has to be the most popular flavour in their impressive disposable vape pen line up.

The wellness benefits from the hemp plant can be extraordinary and the lab testing they do on each product is exactly the way it should be.

Does CBDfx include third-party lab testing on their CBD products?

They certainly do! That was again another huge reason they were the first manufacture that we decided to start off selling here at ChilliwackCBD. We wanted to ensure we were selling the most premium and accurate products on the market. CBDfx has always gone above and beyond to make this information available to its consumers.

You will find on each CBDfx product we carry the lab products report linked to that specific product. Third-party lab reporting is very important to you as a consumer. It gives you the confidence and assurance that the product you are buying contains the amount of CBD you are purchasing.

It also goes into more details to ensure the product is safe and does not contain heavy metals, pesticides, and other things of that nature.

An example is below.

cbdfx lab report example

If you are looking for CBDfx in Canada then look no further. We have been carrying this brand for over three years now. We have direct connections with the company and give them feedback on a continuous basis about their products including their CBD vape pens.