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Q) Do you ship to Canada?
A) Yes! We only ship to Canada from within Canada. We do not ship our products outside of Canada.

Q) What does Shipping Cost?
A) Shipping to British Columbia & Alberta is a $10.00 Flat Rate for ALL orders below $150 (pre-tax). Shipping to all other Provinces in Canada is a $15.00 Flat Rate for ALL orders below $150 (pre-tax). Orders of $150 (pre-tax) ship FREE Canada-wide!

Q) Do you offer free shipping?
A) Yes, we are able to give free shipping Canada-wide on orders over $150 pretax.

Q) What is the processing time to get my order?
A) We fulfill orders within 24 hours and do same-day or next-day shipping. Couriers do not pick up on weekends, and so any orders placed on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday will be fulfilled on the next business day.

Q) What does age verification mean?
A) This website, ChilliwackCBD, is intended for users Eighteen (18) Years of age or older. If you are under Eighteen (18) years of age, do not use or access this site for any reason, and please exit this site immediately. Ask your parent or guardian to access this site for you. You must be of the legal age required by the Province you are in to purchase our products. It is your responsibility to know whether you are legally able to purchase our products.

Q) Do I get a tracking number?
A) Yes, every order will get a tracking number. You will get regular updates if you gave us your email account during the checkout process.

Q) Where are you located?
A) We are located in Chilliwack, BC. We are about 1 hour outside of Vancouver, BC.

Payment Options:

Q) What payment methods do you accept?
A) We accept credit cards and email money transfers.

Q) What is your email money transfer address?
A) Our Email money transfer address is Please only note your name and order number in the ‘Memo’ section. We are set up for an automatic deposits.

CBD Product Questions:

Q) Do your products contain THC?
A) Our products are made mostly with full-spectrum derived from hemp. Unlike CBD products derived from marijuana, our products do not contain the same amounts of THC as marijuana-derived products. Even though ours may contain trace amounts of THC, none of our products will contain over .03% of THC which means there is not nearly enough to get an intoxicating effect. We specialize in CBD not THC. A little THC is beneficial as it helps with the entourage effect. 

Q) Is ChilliwackCBD the manufacture of the products?
A) We are not the manufacture. We leave that up to the big companies to ensure a quality and accurate product. We partner with manufacturers to reseller their products. The benefit of this is that we can pick and choose only the best companies to deal with that have proven track records.

Q) Are your products Lab Tested?
A) Definitely! We will only bring products that are lab-tested. In all of the lab tests you can see yourself on the product you’re looking for in the question.

Q) What is the percentage of THC in your products?
A) If the product you are looking for is full-spectrum then it will not contain more than.03% THC concentration.

Q) Do you sell a 1:1 ratio?
A) We do not. This is a product you would likely find in a cannabis dispensary store.

New CBD User Questions:

Q) I am overwhelmed with all the choices, what CBD product is right for me?
A) That’s a great question overall. IF you are new to CBD and you are looking to use CBD for a specific ailment the best thing I can do is tell you to research your specific ailment and CBD to see what the best product is (tincture, vape, topical, etc).

Q) What is a Tincture?
A) If you have heard the term CBD OIL before then a tincture is probably what you are familiar with. A tincture Is the description of a specific dosage type. With a tincture usually, you have a bottle with the CBD extract and a carrier liquid such as MCT oil. The bottle would have a dropper and you would place some of the liquid under your tongue and hold it for 60 seconds and then swallow.

Q) How much CBD do I use?
A) This is a very common question and it’s unique to each person and ailment they are using it for. Sometimes with CBD, less is more. When you first start using CBD in topical or edible or tinctures usually you want to start with a few drops to test sensitivity. After that point, you slowly and gradually work up your dosage over a day/weeks until you find the dosage that gives you relief. You are very much free to play with the dosage and see what works for you.

Q) Will CBD work for me and my ailment?
A) CBD works with our biological endocannabinoid system (yes this is a real system in our body). Because each person is unique and dosage can be unique this question cannot be answered until you try it. We always encourage people to buy the product and use it until it’s done.

Q) How long does it take for CBD to work, how do I know if it’s working?
A) Some people experience relief on the first day and others it takes a few weeks to kick in. There is no definitive answer.

Q) Does CBD give you a high (intoxicating effect)?
A) All of our products do not have nearly enough THC to give a high. You will need a much higher concentration. Just like alcohol, 1 beer probably won’t intoxicate you but if you drink more you will eventually.

Q) Is CBD addictive?
A) The simple answer is no. It’s been shown that CBD is a great product to use to decrease withdrawal systems of opioid addiction, nicotine addiction, etc.

Returns & Refunds

We will gladly accept any products purchased back within 30 days of purchase in original, sealed, as-shipped condition for a full refund of the product price. We do not accept opened, unsealed, or used items back for refund or exchange. Return shipping is at the cost of the consumer and will not be refunded. We strongly recommend choosing a return shipping method that includes tracking information.

Please contact us by e-mail at: for any return or refund questions that you may have.