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CBDfx Gelato CBD Terpenes Vape Pen 50mg

CBDfx has curated this premium, organically grown, Broad Spectrum CBD vape pen with added terpenes to be sleek and discreet – this CBD pen is the most convenient way to puff throughout your day! If you love CBD as much as you love a sweet treat, then this CBD with terpenes pen is for you! The smooth, fruity Gelato flavour will be a treat from your first hit to your last. At CBDfx they take this pen a step ahead with added terpenes. Terpenes are essential oils that are part of the same glands as cannabinoids. While terpenes are not only located in cannabis/hemp, they exist in pretty much every type of plant worldwide.

A study published by the Journal of Toxicological Research showed that a terpene rich environment has potential anti-inflammatory, anti-tumorigenic, and neuroprotective effects on human health. Something to certainly consider with your CBD vape pen!


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CBDfx 50mg Vape Pen With Added Terpenes:

We would classify this as low-medium strength, which should be ideal for the majority of customers ordering it. For those newer to using a CBD vape pen, this 50mg CBD oil pen should last 2-3 weeks while more experienced CBD vape users will go through this in 1-2 weeks (depending on draws).

The flavour of this CBD vape pen is Gelato – Imagine a large scoop of sweet and creamy italian Gelato ice cream. This is CBD vape pen is convenient and discreet. Slim and small and fits in your pocket easily. The best part is that after you are done there is no refilling, you simply toss it.

This CBDfx vape pen is rich in terpenes and Broad Spectrum CBD, which is what scientists call the “entourage effect” – a potential boost in positive effects as CBD and terpenes work together.

CBD Vape Pen C02 Extraction:

All of the CBDfx products we carry are extracted using C02 extraction. This is a favourable method over other ways because of how clean it is. Our CBDfx vape pen is always free of any filler ingredients or harmful chemicals that interfere with the potency and purity of the hemp. 

How Do I Use This?

It’s very simple to use your CBDfx vape pen. There are no buttons, no need for charging or manuals. You simply take your desired draw from the pen and it automatically activates. It’s ready to go right out of the box. If you are able to hold the vapor in your lungs for a few seconds at least this will allow more CBD to enter your body rather than taking a quick puff and exhaling.

Why Would Someone Vape CBD Instead Of Ingesting It?

When you inhale CBD in a vapour form it usually absorbs into your body quicker and you will see the effects in a shorter amount of time. It’s very convenient to be able to pull out your CBD vape pen and take a simple draw whenever you need it. With so many people vaping or smoking you will not draw any attention to yourself. The con to vaping is that the effects do not last as long as if you ingested it. It really comes down to convenience and I think that’s what is accomplished with the CBD vape pen. People who choose to use CBD are getting relief from such things as Insomnia, Anxiety, Psychosis, Anti-inflammatory effects, Improved mood, Pain relief, Relaxation.

Lab Testing Matters:

With CBD overall being a newer industry and many sources to get it from it’s hard to know as the consumer if you are really getting the amount of CBD advertised. We carry CBDfx because they provide third party lab testing on all their products for the end consumer to read. This ensures the products are indeed free of chemicals, and the accuracy and quality are as advertised.

Does This CBD Vape Pen Have THC?

If you are wondering if this will give you a “high” I can assure you it will not, that’s not the purpose of this product. Because this CBD vape pen contains Broad Spectrum CBD, you can rest assured that it contains NO THC.

Is 50mg enough to give me relief?

If you have never tried CBD before this might be a good first step for you to see how your body reacts to it. This pen overall has a pretty low dose of CBD, it’s very high in terpenes and other beneficial components which means a little goes a long way. The other benefit of the CBD vape pen is you can take as much or little as you wish, you can really tailor your experience. 

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Proprietary Blend of Natural Terpene & Cannabidiol (CBD)

FACTS: 50mg Broad Spectrum CBD, Disposable (Approx. 150 puffs), Expertly Crafted Flavor, Cruelty Free, Solvent Free, Lab Tested


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Meghan Clements
Didn't enjoy

Didn't enjoy the taste of this one, the refillable vape pens taste better

Leah Mckinnon

First time user, didnt do anything for me but taste delish and this companies customer service is on point! Will be trying some different things from the website

Hi Leah,
Thank you for the 5 stars. I am happy that you are receiving good customer service as this is what we are all about! CBDfx has curated some amazing tasting vape flavours. I would suggest that if you didn't find the benefits of the CBD that you try something in a higher mg option. The Gelato pen is 50mg of CBD and really, that is quite low. We do offer a 250mg CBD vape pen which if you are wanting to try another product, might work better for you! Please contact us by email if you have any product questions.

Renee Lynn
Welcome home REM Cycle

I use the vape/smoke method for my anxiety (due the chemical imbalances from gut issues) I prefer natural CBD hemp cones BUT this is a great alternative to have handy when a cone isn’t appropriate or convenient. Gelato and rose are my faves/aroma as the flavour isn’t too sweet or harsh.


Got this to see if it would help
With restless leg syndrome. So far I love it! I’d have to take two extra strength Advil every night before, not anymore with the vape.

Hey Amy! Awesome to hear your getting the results yous should be. Pretty incredible CBD can do that much for so many people with so many different ailments. Thanks again. If you have time to review us as a business I'd greatly appreciate it. Review us on google here:

Skylar Sebring
Not totally for me

Nothing wrong with this product at all! Comes as expected. Easy to use. Easy to understand dosage. Good taste. I just prefer having edible CBD !

Glad to hear that Skylar! It's about finding what works best for you through trial and error :) If you have time to review us as a business I'd greatly appreciate it. Review us on google here: