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Creating Brighter Days Fortify500 CBD Isolate Oil For Large Breed Pet

We are very excited to be offering the Creating Brighter Days CBD pet line. This company is impressive. They are in 600 pet retail stores Canada wide and Veterinarian approved. Their promise to the end consumer is to always deliver products that are safe and effective, to base all of their formulas on scientific research, to use the highest quality 100% natural ingredients and to be at the forefront of herbal health technology and CBD research. Did we say this is a Canadian company? So now that we’ve got your attention here is the FAO’s.


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Fortify 500 For Dogs over 35lbs:

The ‘Fortify 500’ CBD Pet oil is a nourishing blend combining 3 nutraceutical oils with 99.9% pure hemp-derived CBD to support the body and brain by helping to prevent cannabinoid deficiency. While CBD promotes balance and creates homeostasis, MCT oil has its own inflammatory benefits that offer support for your pet’s brain health. Antioxidant-rich hemp seed oil increases immunity and improves cardiovascular health. The pet CBD formula that Creating Brighter Days uses brings the body and endocannabinoid system into alignment all while reducing anxiety, acting as an anti-inflammatory, and relieving any pain your pet may have.


The recommended dosage may need to be administered twice daily (every 12 hours). Begin by administering once daily and closely observe your pet’s response. If there is no visible improvement after 7 days, administer the recommended dose twice daily.

  • 35-50lbs: 1/2 dropper or 0.5 ml (8.3mg)
  • 51-75lbs: 3/4 dropper or 0.75 ml (12.5mg)
  • 76-100lbs: 1 dropper or 1ml (16.7mg)


This product may help with the following:

  • Alleviate joint and mobility pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Relieve anxiety and nervousness
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Calm digestive issues
  • Ease epilepsy and seizures
  • Improve skin and coat

Ingredients: 99.9% Pure hemp-derived CBD 250mg, Pure organic coconut MCT oil, Organic hemp seed oil, Organic pumpkin seed oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Catherine C
Happy hair!

Our 10 1/2 year old lab is growing hair again on his bald spots from severe eczema. Happy dog = happy life!

That's amazing!!! Thanks for letting us know and i'm glad it's working out!

Fortify 500 is worth it!!!

We have been giving Fortify 500 to our 13 year old Lab Winston, and it has made such a difference in his mobility! He doesn’t get up with charley horse cramps any more and he seems to move easier which is such a joy to see! He has dragged a toe for the last year when he goes up and down the stairs, and he even sounds lighter in his steps! We have already ordered his next dose!!

Hey Allison!

I'm SOOOO happy to hear it worked out good for you and Winston. This is feedback we hear often and it's great that I get to see all these positive reviews over and over again. Glad to see he's able to walk much better now. Thanks for putting your trust in us!

If you additionally have time to leave us a Google review that would be a huge help. Most of our new customers find us on google so the more reviews the better for us.

Great Service

Service was great from Chilliwack CBD. Not sure how our dog is responding to the product yet but we continue to administer.

Hey JF, please keep me updated how your dog is doing and reach out for any help if needed. Dosing is typically done low and slow until you find a dosage that seems to help your animal. If you have time to review us as a business I'd greatly appreciate it. Review us on google here: