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Creating Brighter Days Spectrum250 Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Small Breed Pet

New from Creating Brighter Days CBD pet line is the ‘Spectrum’ series – Their most powerful CBD pet health products to date! This company is impressive. They are in 600 pet retail stores Canada wide and Veterinarian approved. Their promise to the end consumer is to always deliver products that are safe and effective, to base all of their formulas on scientific research, to use the highest quality 100% natural ingredients and to be at the forefront of herbal health technology and CBD research. Did we say this is a Canadian company? So now that we’ve got your attention here is the FAO’s.


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Spectrum 250 For Dogs + Cats 5-34lbs:

The ‘Spectrum 250’ CBD Pet oil is a scientifically formulated and tested product using progressive C02 Extraction methodologies. This ‘Spectrum’ series uses Full Spectrum hemp oil to deliver the entire medicinal benefits of the hemp plant, ensuring that all essential cannabinoids are recovered in the process. Featuring what is commonly referred to as “the entourage effect” which refers to the increased cumulative efficacy that only Full-Spectrum hemp oil offers. This premium line is bottled with a nourishing blend combining 3 nutraceutical oils: MCT, Pumpkin, and hemp seed oils. While CBD promotes balance and creates homeostasis, MCT oil has its own inflammatory benefits that offer support for your pet’s brain health. Antioxidant-rich hemp seed oil increases immunity and improves cardiovascular health. The pet CBD formula that Creating Brighter Days uses brings the body and endocannabinoid system into alignment all while reducing anxiety, acting as an anti-inflammatory, and relieving any pain your pet may have.


The recommended dosage may need to be administered twice daily (every 12 hours). Begin by administering once daily and closely observe your pet’s response. If there is no visible improvement after 7 days, administer the recommended dose twice daily.

  • Up to 5lbs: 1/4 dropper or 0.25 ml (2.1mg)
  • 6-15lbs: 1/2 dropper or 0.5 ml (4.2mg)
  • 16-25lbs: 3/4 dropper or 0.75 ml (6.2mg)
  • 25-34lbs: 1 dropper or 1ml (8.3mg)

This product may help with the following:

  • Alleviate joint and mobility pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Relieve anxiety and nervousness
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Calm digestive issues
  • Ease epilepsy and seizures
  • Improve skin and coat

Ingredients: Pure organic coconut MCT oil, Organic hemp seed oil, Organic pumpkin seed oil, Full spectrum hemp-derived CBD


Customer Reviews

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Stephen Toomey
Amazing, my dog loves it and wants more

We have no problem getting our 12 year old Sheltie to take his CBD. He loves it and we just put the dropper in the side of his mouth and squeeze. He always licks it clean and wants more. In the first week he went from struggling to get up and stand, due to hip issues, to a Sheltie that has his groove and game back. He is no longer in pain. He is walking with out difficultly and even has a little going for walkies dance. He is more mobile for sure. He is happier and less stressed due to a reduction in hurting. He is sleeping well. Our little buddy, Chevy, was adopted by us in 2019 when he was age 11. He has just turned 12. He had rotten black colour molars and teeth and ones hanging loose. We had to have 13 teeth pulled. He likely had a constant low grade infection for years. When we got him we could not believe an owner could do this to his best friend. Chevy protected his face when sleeping by placing his head under furniture so as not to have anyone bump him causing pain. He was fed low grade food which we changed to Wellness a holistic food. We just wanted to do what ever we could and can for our dog Chevy. All the changes have changed him and he is not the same dog he was and is so happy. The only thing was his arthritis and we didn’t want toxic meds for him. We researched and found Spectrum 250 and it really is a blessing and we can’t thank Creating Brighter Days enough for the quality of their product and for caring for our pets in a very holistic way. This product is worth every penny as we can’t put value on the difference it has made in Chevy’s life.

Wow! Stephen, this is an Amazing response from your dog to CBD. We are super happy with Creating Brighter Days as well. We love the fact that they have a Veterinarian on their staff to develop safe, quality, and all natural remedies for our furry friends. We (as dog and cat owners ourselves) know how important their health and happiness is!
Love the photo as well :)