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NatureMary CBD Bath Tea 50mg – Pack of 3

STEEP Yourself with CBD, Botanicals, Salts, and Clays and sink into a state of pure relaxation which leaves you feeling revitalized and silky smooth! These oversized tea bags include 50mg of CBD Isolate each and are made for your bathing experience. CBD bath tea’s are available in three unique scents which will have you escaping into your zone. Each box contains 3 tea bags meant for 3 bathing experiences.

NatureMary was selected by Vogue magazine for the 2020 winter skincare campaign “Let It Glow” as well as in Vanity Fair. Now, that’s impressive!


If you purchase this product you will earn 369 Points worth of $1.34!
If you purchase this product you will earn 369 Points worth of $1.34!

NatureMary | Caryo CBD Beauty Products:

Uncomplicated plant based wellness products and luxury skincare by NatureMary. NatureMary bases all of their products on a science first approach and is committed to producing natural skin care products that are made with health and ease in mind. At NatureMary, skincare is about more than achieving a look. It is about achieving healing and balance both inside and out. The founder of NatureMary is a Herb Biologist and has brought their CBD product line Caryo, to the Canadian market with the absolute purest ingredients and formulations.

Have you ever heard about CBD Bath Teas? This is a completely new innovation and can be enjoyed two ways!

  • Contained in the bag and steeped into warm water
  • Open the bag and release all botanicals for a beautiful loose leaf bath experience

Our CBD bath bombs have always been a popular choice, and we are very happy to bring in something new and innovative to our customers!

Additional Ways CBD Bath Teas Can Add Recovery & Relaxation To Your Bathing Experience:

Nourishes Skin: CBD helps to balance moisture in the skin and research done has shown positive results for acne, psoriasis, and redness.

Relaxes Muscles: Hot water is already great for this, so when paired with CBD it creates a powerful tension release. CBD is also known to reduce muscle spasms.

Reduces Pain: CBD is a known anti-inflammatory. It interacts with our cannabinoid receptors to alleviate aches and pains.

Improves Mental Wellness: CBD is known to improve mood, help lessen feelings of anxiety and or depression.

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Three Rejuvenating Bath Tea Experiences:

Blooming Garden Escape | Jasmine Rose Escape into a garden oasis that will truly have you stopping to smell the roses. Soak in natural beauty boosters of garden botanicals, purifying clays, and soothing minerals. Rejuvenate the body and mind with a unique floral retreat in your bathtub. Ingredients: Citric Acid, Garden Flower Blend, Caryophyllene, Organic CBD Isolate, Parfum, Kaolin, Sodium Chloride (Dead Sea) Salt, Magensium Sulfate Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate.

Island Escape | Mango Coconut: Turn your bath into a tropical escape inspired by warm sandy beaches and island vibes. Soak in natural beauty boosters of purifying clays and soothing minerals. Rejuvenate body and mind with a beach like retreat in your bathtub. Ingredients: Solum Fullonum (Fuller’s Earth), Magnesium Sulfate Salt, Organic CBD Isolate, Sodium Chloride (Dead Sea) Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) fruit powder, Caryophyllene, Parfum.

Mountain Escape | Lavender Arnica: Escape into the mountains with this CBD bath tea. Inspired by natural hot springs nestled in the mountains. Soak in natural beauty boosters of purifying clays and soothing minerals. Detoxify body and mind with an elevated retreat in your bathtub. Ingredients: Bentonite, Organic CBD Isolate, Magnesium Sulfate Salt, Sodium Chloride (Dead Sea) Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Arnica Montana.

What Makes NatureMary CBD Products Canada So Unique?