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Tealish PM Detox Herbal Tea

The Beau-tea Collection by Tealish includes this restorative and calming herbal tea called PM Detox. A delicious and special detox blend with restorative herbs and spices in combination with mint varietals for soothing. This wholesome and soothing tea tackles inflammation thanks to a wholesome mix of ginger and cinnamon.



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Tealish Whole Leaf Tea

Tealish Fine Teas is a Canadian tea company curating natural and benefit driven wellness beverages that put the fun back in your wellness journey! The mission and vision of Tealish perfectly complement the wellness journey that hemp derived CBD has to offer and the belief that bringing joy into life’s little routines can lead to harmony, balance, and inspired living is too good not to share! Tealish is bringing the most exciting, top end teas, full of all natural, healthy, and trend forward ingredients. Sit back and relax, we see brewing a cup of tea as an important self care routine that encourages well-being and mindfulness.

The Beau-Tea Collection by Tealish

The Beau-Tea Collection by Tealish Fine Teas has been specially and lovingly curated to help you feel beautiful starting from the inside and out. This incredibly aromatic and fantastically delicious collection of teas harness the power of healing herbs and botanicals naturally and gently detoxifying the body so you can focus on putting your best foot forward.

Steeped in wellness, This incredible collection of benefit driven whole leaf teas will inspire you to recharge and rejuvenate, giving you the energy you need to focus on being your best self!

A Beau-tea-ful Way To Wind Down From The Day:

Carefully curated tea to help you feel beautiful from the inside out. PM Detox whole leaf herbal tea is a simple pleasure and will have you feeling your best. Key Ingredients in this hydrating whole leaf tea work in harmony to create a cleansing and healthy bed time ritual. Included in the box are 15 biodegradable tea sachets (net weight 38g/1.3oz).

Natural ingredients contained in the Tealish PM Detox herbal tea blend include peppermint, spearmint, rosehip, cardamom, star anise. cinnamon, licorice, tulsi, ginger, hibiscus, rose, sunflower, calendula, osmanthus.

A Perfect Tea To Add Your CBD Oil Canada Into:

Hemp derived Cannabidiol or CBD for short offers many wellness and health benefits. Combined with a host of other all natural, antioxidant rich ingredients you’re sure to be doing your body, mind, and soul a great thing by adding CBD Oil Canada into your cup of whole tea. If you’re new to using CBD Oil, please take a look at one of the many CBD blogs we have which might help get you on your way with choosing a CBD Oil that’s right for you. You can find our entire CBD Oil Canada products collection here. Hemp derived CBD is non-psychoactive and so, you can rest easy knowing that you will not experience any negative or unwanted side effects.