We have a ton of customers that purchase CBD vape oil pens. While they are searching for “oil”, it’s not oil in most cases. Vaping a strait oil like an MCT oil or coconut oil is pretty bad for your health and could lead to damage to your lungs unless you are using something like a fractioned oil that removes all the long-chain triglycerides (which are the bad stuff). Most CBD vape oil pens contain the same thing someone who vapes electronic cigarettes, of course without the nicotine though. These ingredients are called Propolyne Glycol and Vegetable glycerin. They have been documented and are fairly safe for inhalation. Saying that there are no long-term studies (past 10 years), so always be cautious whenever putting something in your lungs.  So when someone is looking for a CBD OIL vape it’s the wrong terminology. We simply call it a CBD VAPE PEN and not CBD vape oil pens and the ingredients you usually will see are CBD, PG, and VG like we mentioned above.