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Creating Brighter Days Equine Performance Nano CBD For Horses 500mg

This Equine Performance Nano CBD formula is ideal for relieving anxiety, increasing stamina, and contains 500mg of Nano encapsulated CBD (10x benefits over non nano). This natural herbal extract contains hemp derived CBD as well as ashwagandha to increase stamina and help reduce symptoms of anxiety. Marshmallow root in this formula can also aid in inflammation and relieve pain.


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We are delighted to be offering the Creating Brighter Days CBD pet line. This company is impressive. They are in 600 pet retail stores Canada wide and Veterinarian approved. Their promise to the end consumer is to always deliver products that are safe and effective, to base all of their formulas on scientific research, to use the highest quality 100% natural ingredients, and to be at the forefront of herbal health technology and CBD research. Did we say this is a Canadian company? So now that we’ve got your attention here is the FAQ’s:

The Equine Performance 500mg Nano Encapsulated CBD For Horses:

This product was made for one animal in mind, horses! This Nano encapsulated Equine CBD is created for those big magnificent creatures. CBD works in and through all mammals (horses included). CBD for horses can treat common health ailments, possibly preventing conditions from appearing, and helping competitive circuit horses with recovery time. CBD for horses may also help with stress and anxiety and brings overall homeostasis to your animal.

When you use Equine CBD as a healing treatment, you always want to consider the weight of the animal. Horses are such large animals you cannot simply give the same CBD product as you would a dog. This is where Creating Brighter Days has gone above and beyond to create a Nano encapsulated CBD Isolate for horses. Nano by definition simply means very small, and we mean very small (about 700-7000 times smaller than a red blood cell). The benefit of a Nano encapsulated product for an animal as large as a horse is simply less waste of the product and much higher bioavailability of the CBD. This is a supercharged sublingual delivery method that again allows the CBD to absorb into the bloodstream as quickly as possible.

Understanding The Best Dosage For Your Horse:

Each mammal is biologically different, and for that reason, it’s important to understand that what worked for another horse may not be the best dosage for your horse. Tolerances may greatly vary from horse to horse. When starting out and finding the correct dosage, it requires a little bit of trial and error. Think of it as a trial period to begin. The same advice we would give a human or pet owner also applies to horses, start low and slow.

1) Start low and slow (lowest possible dosage). Testing for sensitivity from day 1 is the best way to ensure that your horse has no adverse side effects. Observe its breathing and heart rate for the first few days. It’s rare any side effects happen to begin but always best to err on the side of caution. Simply stick to this same schedule for the first few days while monitoring.

2) Once you have determined you are ready to go up in dosage do so in small increments. If you notice a dosage showing improvements from whatever ailment you are treating, then stop at this dosage and use this going forward.

3) If you are treating an ailment for something such as chronic pain or seizures, higher and more frequent doses may be necessary. This is where trial and error start coming into play. Splitting higher dosages into twice a day may be a benefit to your horse. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all dosage.

How Long Until I See The Effects Of CBD?

This is a question we are asked at ChilliwackCBD pretty often and it applies to horses as well. It differs depending on the biology of the horse, the ailment, age, weight, and other environmental considerations. You may see results within days or within weeks. Just ensure you continue to dose the horse on a daily basis.


Helping with Equine Health: Arthritis, Pain, Laminitis, Gastric Ulcers, Immune Function, Cardiovascular Health, Colic, Desmitis, Joint Health, Allergies And Skin Conditions, Inflammation, Digestive Health, Anxiety

Dosing and Important information:

Ensuring you have a sound plan when it comes to dosing can make a big difference when it comes to being effective for your horse and also ensures the horse is receiving maximum benefits.

Dosing too low simply is not effective and dosing too high is just wasteful of the product or provides unwanted side effects such as lethargy.

As you do your research you may find that you find different advice in regards to Equine CBD Oil dosing. Keep in mind this formula is made with Nano technology so its effectiveness is approximately 10x over a non Nano version. Guidance from your vet can also help you with your dosing routine.

This product is made with Nano molecules and also made using purified CBD Isolate rather than Full Spectrum CBD. This simply means that this product contains no THC or any other plant matter. The only cannabinoid in this product is CBD.

Because this product is a purified CBD Isolate, there may be a particular dosage that works best for your horse.

Dosage Guidelines:

Give this CBD to horses on a daily basis and administrator it straight into their mouth if you can. If they are reluctant then you can put it on their feed.

  • 1 oral syringe = 10ml containing 50mg of CBD
  • 10 pre-filled syringes per package

Daily Dosage Guidelines:

  • Overal General Health: 50mg per day
  • Chronic Pain: 100mg to 150mg
  • Arthritis: 100mg to 150mg
  • Ulcers/Colic: 50mg to 100mg
  • Inflammation: 50mg to150mg
  • Anxiety: 50mg to 100mg

How Is The CBD Extracted In This Equine CBD Performance Formula?

This CBD Equine formula uses CBD extracted from hemp using a solvent free extraction called C02 extraction. This ensures purity and eliminates the risk of solvent residues in the end product.

Safety Information:

This product was intended and created specifically for horses. This product is not for human or pet consumption. Keep out of reach of children and do not give to pregnant or breeding animals.

If you have further questions please feel free to ask in detail and we can direct your question to a veterinarian which is on staff from the manufacture.

Drug Testing:

Because this is a THC product it will not produce a positive test for THC.

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