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Looking to incorporate CBD Oil into your life? Our CBD Oil is shipped within Canada and is created using the highest quality ingredients and highest accuracy standards. All of our CBD Oil products are third party lab tested and CBDfx products are lab tested in an FDA approved lab! These CBD Oil tinctures contain no harmful chemicals, pesticides, or metals, and the hemp used in our products is grown organically in some of the best farms in Canada and the USA. If you prefer mixing your CBD Oil with food or in a drink, you can easily do that by using a CBD Oil tincture. The eyeglass dropper makes it easy to know just how much CBD you are dosing. CBD Oil is typically administered sublingually (under your tongue). Below you will find a mix of CBD Oils that are either Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, or made with CBD Isolate. A common question we get asked after someone has received their CBD Oil is how much should they be dosing. We have a great article explaining this in more detail here. CBD Oil tinctures offer one of the highest absorption methods compared to gummies, capsules, and edibles. CBD Oil is a great product for someone looking to try CBD for the first time. The benefit of starting low in dosage and moving gradually higher is a real benefit for anyone looking to explore CBD. You will see many different strength options and if you are brand new to using CBD a 1000mg bottle should be an excellent starting point.

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