We often get asked what the best CBD vape pens are so we thought we would answer this question for anyone wondering the same based on our own experiences with the products.

You have a few options when it comes to inhalation of CBD via CBD disposable vape pens and refillable & rechargeable vape pen kits.

Why do people vape CBD over other methods?
It’s a great question which consumers simple might not know the answer to. It comes to something called bioavailability. Bioavailability basically means how quickly and effectively does the CBD enter your bloodstream depending on the type of dosing method you are using. When it comes to using CBD and the various dosing methods there are a few such as Vaping, Capsules, Gummies, Oil Tinctures, and Topicals. Each dosing method would have a pro and a con. CBD oil is rated amongst the best method of doing because you can feel the effects relatively quickly and not as much CBD is wasted or passes through your body like capsules for example. Vaping on the other hand has the highest bioavailability meaning that when you vape CBD, more of it is absorbed into your bloodstream over any other method. The second advantage of vaping CBD is that you feel the effects within minutes (vs 20-30 minutes when using a CBD oil tincture). This is great for someone who needs relief fast such as someone experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, and trouble sleeping.

Does vaping CBD give you a high feeling?
I think this answer depends on where you are getting your CBD and is the CBD derived from Marijuana or Hemp? All of the vaping products we carry on ChilliwackCBD will not induce intoxication or a “high” feeling as all our CBD is derived from Hemp and all of it’s been lab-tested to ensure it falls below .03% THC. We specialize in CBD on this page and not THC. If you are buying a CBD product it’s always good to ensure the company you are buying it from can actually provide a third-party lab tested report to ensure the quality and accuracy of the CBD. We provide these reports on each product page for all customers to look through.

Does vaping CBD cause lung damage?
This is a question that just started getting asked in the last few years. The reason for this is because in the USA they started having a lot of people getting sick and some of them dying because they were vaping. The media and press started blaming vaping as the culprit before it was finally discovered that it was a cutting agent that was being added to Illegal THC vaping products. This cutting agent is called Vitamin-E acetate and was the factor behind all of those people getting sick. You can read more about that here from the CDC directly.
Just to ensure all our customers and readers, there is no use of vitamin-e acetate used in any of our products.

What type of ailments do people use CBD vape for?
We have a lot of customers who have used our vaping products in the past and for a variety of ailments. The most common uses for vaping CBD we have discovered is for:

  • Anxiety
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Pain Management
  • General Relaxation
  • Auto-Immune Diseases
  • Quitting Smoking Aid


This does not mean people do not use it for a range of other ailments, but these are simply the top uses for them we have discovered in the past.


Vaping CBD Makes me cough, is that bad?

There are a few ingredients that go into CBD vape liquids (especially in the refillable bottles). Those ingredients are both Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. They are simply carrier liquids alongside the CBD which allows you to even vape it, to begin with. They are the same ingredients used in the nicotine vape industry for the last 10 years. There is a certain number of people who seem to have a big sensitivity or allergy to Propylene Glycol. The reaction would be lots of coughing and maybe a burning throat feeling.  Those people typically would need to find a 100% VG based liquid (which we do not offer at all).

Is vaping bad for you?
I think that if anyone tells you vaping is not bad for you does not have all the details. I think not inhaling a foreign substance into your body Is the best thing you can do. The data and science related to vaping show it has a very low risk of anything currently and when compared to smoking it’s said that it’s 95% safer as an alternative over smoking. This means there is still a 5% risk. There are no long-term studies over a 40 year period what exactly vaping will do and if there are any long term effects from vaping. My suggestion is if you do not smoke nor vape already then it’s best to avoid it.

Does Vaping CBD help with pain?
The only data we can really go on is the feedback from our customers that have used the product for pain management. We do have a lot of customers on a regular basis that is in fact using CBD vape products to manage pain. If I were to pick between vaping CBD and using CBD gummies or CBD oil though I would probably choose either the CBD gummies or CBD capsules because they typically offer better results, they are easier to track dosing, and you have to dose less frequently.

Can I quit smoking with vaping CBD?
There is very little research when it comes to using CBD to help quit smoking. We recently wrote an article about using CBD to quit smoking and the data was not very good on it because of simply a lack of studies on the subject. We do many people who buy and continue to buy it though for that specific purpose. I think we all know that smoking will kill 1 out of every 2 people in Canada so you are best to try whatever tobacco harm reduction method is available to you.

Will Vaping CBD Make Me Sleepy?
One of the known benefits of CBD is that it can help promote sleep. This does not mean it will put you to sleep per se but It can help relax you at night if you are needing help falling asleep. I have talked to people in the past that used previous CBD products which made them go to sleep and they soon discovered that those products had a high amount of THC in them which is known to make you sleepy. Typically, CBD will not make you sleepy, if anything it will simply bring a relaxed feeling. CBD may affect people differently so if it’s your first time using it then it’s always advised to try it in the evenings or when you’re at home on the weekend to ensure you know what effects it will have on you personally.

Disposable Vape Pens – Due to these being disposable in nature they are simply cheaper than refillable setups but are more expensive in the long run. They could be the best CBD vape pen compared to refillable but let’s look at some options. They offer customers a great convenience to be able to try CBD vape products without investing in a vape kit, refillable bottles, etc. There are many flavours available so that would not be a limiting factor of disposables.

Refillable Vape Setups – These are great for customers who have used CBD vape products in the past or someone who uses an equivalent nicotine vape setup already. The benefit is that this type of setup is much cheaper in the long run, has more satisfying vapes, has longer battery life, is rechargeable and is refillable.

Here is our list of the best CBD vape pens we offer

Plant Of Life Disposable
cbd vape pen canada

We have carried these disposable vape pens for some time now and they continue to be a top seller in our disposable vape pen section. They offer a very impressive 300mg of CBD total per pen with approximately 150-200 puffs per pen. That’s about 1-2mg of CBD per puff. This would be great for someone who uses the pen here and there. The flavour offers are great such as grape, mango, strawberry, mint, blueberry, and watermelon. The fail rate on these devices are very low, we have not had many issues with them in the past. They are Made in Canada and contain a broad-spectrum CBD meaning no THC is present in them.

Savage CBD Vape Pens
chilliwack savage vape pen active
The savage CBD vape pens are made by a very well known vape manufacture in the USA. There are 3 options to choose from including Active, Relax, and Sleep. All pens are geared towards something specific. These are our only full-spectrum CBD oil pens which means you get full-plant matter (usually preferred method). They do not have any intoxicating effects though as they are all derived from Hemp. These pens also contain an impressive 250mg of CBD per pen. They are disposable in nature so that means once they run out you simply discard them. Unlike the plant of life pens, these would not typically have the same flavours as the plant of life pens and the taste is more hempy with the addition of added terpenes. Overall a good pen which our customers have loved for a long time

CBDfx Pens (50mg and 30mg)
best cbd vape pen

These would be a great starter pen for anyone wanting to dabble and be introduced into CBD vaping. These were the first CBD vape pens we brought onto our online store and they have always been a top seller. These are broad-spectrum pens like the plant of life CBD pens and boast an impressive amount of flavour offerings such as blue raspberry, tropic breeze, honeydew ice, fresh mint, strawberry lemonade, melon cooler, blue dreams, gelato, OG Kush, pineapple express, etc. These pens contain 30mg-50mg of CBD per pen which is far lower than the savage or plant of life pens but they are great for someone wanting to dip their toes into trying CBD for the first time. They continue to be a top seller for us. CBDfx is due to release a newer 250mg vape pen in the following weeks as well.

The above mentioned were disposable vape pens and now, I want to talk about the refillable options. This would be ideal for someone who knows vaping CBD works for them and they want a cheaper method of vaping CBD over disposables. We sell a vape device that has a rechargeable battery alongside replaceable and refillable cartridges. It’s simple and easy to use and the cartridges last a long while before needing replacement. You will know when you need to replace them as they will start to give a burnt type of taste. These cartridges will be filled with the refillable CBD vape liquid. We offer a few brands of CBD vape liquid and a good selection of flavour’s. If you want a flavourless option, then we do that as well. This is the way to go for sure in the long run if cost savings are something you look towards.

Rechargeable Vape
chilliwack cbdfx vape kit refillable vape pen

cbdfx cartridge replacement

Refillable Ejuice Bottles
cbd vape juice canada


If you have any questions, we would be more than happy to help out.