Every few weeks we get customers looking for CBD gummies such as the ones they saw in an ad on the popular ABC tv show Shark Tank. We wanted to give our customers real information and let them know that Shark tank CBD gummies are not real. We have noticed the search for Shark Tank CBD Gummies increasing over the last 12 months and we finally decided to look into it ourselves. It appears that this is simply a clever but very false advertising marketing campaign that many people are seeing through Facebook advertising.

I did a quit search on google for CBD Shark Tank gummies fake and a plethora of images popup which are used by these marketers. They are using a real picture from the television show but they are simply replacing images (such as the TV screen in this case) or making the header of the advertisement “the biggest deal in shark tank history”. The below image is a false image.

cbd shark tank gummies fake

In the below video you can see they are actually being interviewed for their company GLOW which is a beauty/skincare business.

Being a fan of the shark tank tv show myself over the years, I have in fact seen the odd hemp-derived product. While I have never seen many edible things, the majority of products would be textiles or other products derived from hemp. I have never in my life seen any type of CBD gummies made by hemp endorsed on the shark tank. When we first started getting customers asking about the Shark Tank CBD Gummies I assumed there must have been a new episode that featured it simply because of the number of people looking for a similar product here in Canada. At that point, I never looked into it further just due to the fact we were not in need of adding another product to our selection of CBD gummies. As time went on the requests for the Shark Tank CBD Gummies tailored off and then a few months ago it started all over again which lead me to start looking into it myself just for my own simple curiosity. After doing only a few minutes of research I discovered the falsity of the claims. It seems marketing is using not just the Kim sisters above but many previous shark tank presentations and changing details about the image they are referring to. This is why you will never actually find an actual video, just images that have been changed to trick you.

The CBD industry in the USA and Canada is growing at a very quick pace and just like other industries, there are certain businesses that try to deceive you into buying their products. In this case, they are using a major TV platform to fake that certain products are being supported by not only that TV show but the investors as well.

Before buying a product simply because it claims to have been on the TV show it’s best to do your due diligence. The ABC website has a page on their website in which you can see every product/company that has appeared on the show. If you look on the list you can see there is no mention of anything regarding CBD or Hemp for that matter. https://abc.com/shows/shark-tank/news/updates/appeared-on-shark-tank

Where are these fake advertisements being posted?

During my research, while writing this blog and based on my own experience when customers would ask me if we had quit smoking gummies I noticed that sponsored Facebook posts were a big factor. Facebook cannot obviously review every single advertising and the companies behind these sponsored ads (which show up in your news feed) know how to get around the rules that Facebook has in place. Just because you see it on Facebook or other websites does not mean it’s true.

I had noticed that these ads were run on media campaigns as well so that means technically any website that has banner ads could be showing these types of ads as well.

Shipping over the Canada/USA border

After a few conversations with visitors to our site, they, unfortunately, fell for these fake ads and ended up purchasing these products. Many of these products are actually located in the USA and shipping CBD products (which are still regulated on the cannabis side) are stopped at the border and will never end up at their final destination. I have had a few instances people did explain that they did in fact get the product but the product was not up to their expectations and simply did not work as intended.

Buying CBD in Canada if you’re from Canada

If you are looking for a CBD product it’s best to buy it within Canada, and from a company that ships it within Canada. Here at ChilliwackCBD we ship all our products directly to our customers and we are of course located in Canada. The majority of our products are made right here in Canada and also contain third-party lab results to ensure you are getting an accurate product that actually contains CBD. Too often I see products maybe being advertised as HEMP products with the assumption they contain CBD but in actuality, they only contain hemp seed oil which does not contain CBD at all. If the price is too cheap then that’s a clear indication that the product is not exactly as advertised.

CBD Gummies In Canada

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