A question that we get asked pretty frequently from viewers just beginning their journey on CBD is, how long does it take for CBD oil to work? This is not always an easy question to answer in a generic blog post and typically I would talk to someone on a case by case

basis just based on the fact that there can be so many variables such as:

-Have they used CBD products in the past
-What ailment(s) are they wanting to use CBD for
-What type of product are they wanting to use (topical, vape liquid, oil tincture, capsules or gummies)
-What dosing schedule are they going to be using
-What MG products do they currently have (if they have not purchased already)

Instead of answering that question “how long does it take for CBD oil to work”, let’s just give a very broad answer which should appease most of the readers on this specific article.


How long does it take for cbd oil to work?
Because of the many variables, this answer will be broadly based. Each person or pet is unique and the ailment they are also trying to find relief from is unique. When you start dosing CBD for the first time typically the dosing schedule would be recommended to use it low and slow (yup, just like ribs). 

The point of going low and slow is to first off, test sensitivity to the product. There are not typically any or many side effects but we always want to ensure we are using caution. The next reason for going low and slow is because we want to start low and slowly increase our dosage over days/weeks and the main purpose of this is to find your “happy dosage” without starting too high and simply wasting the product. 

Starting at a high dosage may find you relief quicker but if you are dosing 50MG per day and all you needed was 25MG a day it’s not going to offer you any more relief and you will be simply wasting product (you and I both know that CBD products are not cheap”)

I have worked pretty closely with a broad group of customers here in helping them find dosages and recommending starting points. I have learned that there is no standard time in which CBD oil starts to work. Because we are all different at a biological level, this means some people might experience relief very quickly (within days) while other people will see relief within weeks.

Do not give up within a few days or weeks:
Too often I have talked to someone or followed up with a customer and within a week of them taking the product they did not find relief and they stopped using it. CBD, unlike a prescription drug, works with your biological endocannabinoid system and stimulates certain receptors all over the body. This in itself can take time for your body to adjust to. If you buy a bottle of CBD oil ensure that you use the whole bottle before giving up.

Is it possible CBD just does not work for me?
Yes, I could say it’s possible but I would want to ensure you have explored all options of CBD before giving up (again this depends on how motivated you are to find relief for your ailment). There are certain people I have tried to help which did not find relief at all but for everyone else, there is always typically a next step such as:

-Trying a different CBD brand, sometimes a different formula helps
-Try a full spectrum CBD product over a CBD isolate product (or vice versa)
-Try to tinker with your dosages up AND down
-Try taking or splitting your dosage into 2 times a day
-If CBD has worked for you and you have been using it for a while and suddenly it’s not as effective, take a week’s break and let your system reset and then start again.
-If you purchased your products elsewhere are you sure the product actually contained CBD or was it simply a hemp seed oil with no CBD.


What is the best product to start with?
Without taking into consideration the ailment is someone is asking about specifically my go-to is also a full-spectrum CBD oil tincture. A tincture just means that it’s in a liquid form with a dropper and you would place the liquid under your tongue. This is one of the quickest absorption methods ( after vaping ) and it’s one of the cheapest and most impactful methods (comparing to gummies or capsules). It also is very easy to vary your dosage (simply by measuring how much oil you want). All in all, this is our go-to product for anyone new to CBD. If you are wondering the difference between a full spectrum vs cbd isolate read this article.