Hey! Thanks for stopping by! You might have made a purchase here or elsewhere and you need a little more information about exactly how much CBD per day you should be using. The short answer is there is no “correct” dosage. The optimal dosage differs from person to person. Here

is an example. An adult male could take 2 Advil and his ailments are relieved, another adult male could take a single Advil and his ailments are relieved. In the previous scenario, each male had to dose differently. Each person is unique in their dosage amount. So instead of answering your question about exactly how much CBD per day, you should be using, we can give you a tailored way to find the right dosage for your unique situation.

Different products contain different MG levels.
Another thing to keep in mind is depending on what product you purchased (tincture, vape pen, gummies, etc.) they might have different and varying MG levels. CBD products can go from 5mg for a single gummy in a jar that has a total of 300mg up to a 1500mg CBD oil tincture that we sell.

Can you take too much CBD?
One of the nice things about CBD is that there have been no reports that you can take too much. This works as a benefit because of the fact there is no overdosing, just wasting your hard-earned money.

Does CBD need to build up into your system?
For many people who try CBD the first time and do not experience any relief, this may certainly be one of the areas they needed to focus on more. Think of CBD as a normal prescription (you do have an ailment you are trying to get relief from). The doctor would typically prescribe you a daily dose of a prescription and depending on the prescription it needs to build up in your system to fully work. Many people are told that CBD is a miracle cure and for some people, it works amazingly, and for some people not as much. For the people it does not work as much on, it could be a variety of reasons including not giving it enough of an opportunity to work. Make sure to take your CBD daily, give it at least 4 weeks before you make a decision. For some people, the impact is right away, lucky for them!

So how do I go about dosing myself, to begin with?
How much cbd per day canada
So the article has brought us to this point. You want to know the “sweet spot” for your dosage. Too low of dosage might have very low benefits, too high of dosage could again provide no benefits or your getting benefits but wasting more product than you need to be. The “sweet spot” is through simple trial and error and micro-dosing. I have read articles about people who were regularly taking CBD and they experienced headaches, nausea, or other ill effects. This bad result could often be the result of too much dosage and that specific person would benefit from lowering their dosage.
What is Micro dosing?
Micro Dosing CBD
One of the earliest studies of micro-dosing was done by James Fadiman He did a few studies after finding out that some people he researched were able to successfully treat their drug-resistant depression and anxiety with tiny amounts of psychedelic drugs. More of those same people reported work-related benefits such as increased creativity and productivity.
James Fadiman later went on to do 2 studies of his own which in the first study he micro-dosed LSD to 48 patients. There were no noticeable effects of subjective consciousness such as perception, mentation, or concentration but it did have the potential to impact your perception of time. Another study was done micro-dosing psilocybin truffles to investigate mental cognition in adults. The findings of this study indicated that micro-dosing psilocybin truffles have the potential to enhance creativity (convergent and divergent thinking).
Micro dosing is basically what it sounds like. You take a little bit and slowly work your way up day after day until you hit your sweet spot. If you buy the 1000MG Oil Tincture a great way to start micro-dosing is, to begin with, 2 drops under your tongue. Wait 45 minutes and see how you feel. If you are very serious about this log your activities and write out on a scale of 1-10 how much relief you experienced. The next day, take 4 drops under your tongue. Again wait 45 minutes then write down the effects. Continue to do this until you find your max relief. At a certain point, there will be no further benefit from higher dosages. You can go further into micro-dosing by experimenting with the timing of consumption to figure out what works best for you.
If you have skipped to the bottom of this article without reading anything and you want the simple cliff notes on how much CBD per day, you’re in luck!
1) Start with very low dosages and slowly way your work up day after day. This will allow you to eventually find your sweet spot without using more than you need to.
2) Use the CBD every single day, let it build up in your system. If you are not one of those people whose body gives immediate relief, just keep going.
We are here to support you through your journey so please let us know how we can help you further!