Looking for the differences between CBD Isolate Vs Full Spectrum? If you are new to the world of CBD. Let me first off congratulate you for being probably one of the few to discover CBD and all the potential benefits it has to offer. There was a recent poll done in the USA and they say that 14% of people

in the USA are currently using CBD. If you think about that statistic a little more you will realize that 14% of the USA equals more than all of CANADA. That’s a lot of people who have discovered the potential benefits of CBD and using it on a regular basis.

CBD Isolate Vs Full Spectrum, what is CBD Isolate?

I am going to fast forward past the discussion of “what is CBD” as I assume if you are trying to compare CBD Isolate VS Full Spectrum CBD you probably have done your research already regarding what CBD is, to begin with. If you have not that’s probably your first step and we have a few articles you can read before diving into the differences between different CBD compounds.

Brand new to using CBD?

I’ve heard about CBD but does it actually work?
The Endocannabinoid system, what is it?

Alright, so now that you know what CBD is and how it interacts with your body via the endocannabinoid system let’s talk a little about CBD isolate specifically.

When CBD is extracted from the plant CBD is not the only thing extracted. CBD is just 1 of over 80 different cannabinoids, terpenes, chlorophyll, and flavonoids. To get a pure CBD you have to extract it away from everything else to remain with a 99% pure CBD isolate. Basically, you are isolating the CBD away from all the other potential benefits including THC.

The below image is what a raw CBD powder looks like when it’s been isolated. There is a difference between CBD Isolate Vs Full Spectrum.
Raw cbd isolate powder

Saying that CBD has many benefits that have been studied over the last 30 years and lots of questions are still to be asked and looked into. Right now we know some of the potential benefits of CBD alone are as follows:

-Treats Psoriasis
-Suppresses muscle spasms
-Slows bacterial growth
-Relieves anxiety
-Relieves pain
-Reduces vomiting and nausea
-Reduces small intestine contractions
-Reduces the risk of artery blockage
-Reduces inflammation
-Reduces function in the immune system
-Reduces blood sugar levels
-Reduces seizures and confusions
-Promotes bone growth
-Inhibits cancer cell growth

THC vc CBD - Greenlight Wellness

I know what you are thinking, WOW can it really do all that? Well up to this point there have been no long-term studies of CBD but all those benefits have been studied on their own in small tests and trials. CBD itself has been through major clinical studies because it’s been approved by the FDA in the use of Epidiolex which is used in the treatment of seizures.

Have I convinced you yet? Are you saying to yourself, that sounds wonderful let’s go get some CBD to isolate…. ok hold on just wait. CBD isolate sounds great and from what the world is saying about CBD has been VERY positive there is another thing I want to teach you about and that’s CBD FULL SPECTRUM!

CBD Isolate Vs Full Spectrum, What is Full Spectrum CBD?

Now let’s talk about Full Spectrum CBD, shall we! Cannabis(marijuana or in our case hemp), is a very complex structure. It has over 80 active cannabinoids. Remember how we talked about CBD in the previous part of the story. That’s just 1 of over 80 cannabinoids and each cannabinoid can have its own benefits as well. Cannabis also being so complex aside from cannabinoids has terpenes which again has its own list of benefits.

When you leave the whole plant matter intact when extracted from the Cannabis you are left with a full-spectrum CBD oil. CBD oil is typically extracted from hemp ideally because hemp is very high in CBD and very low in THC (near trace amounts in most cases).

If you have done any amount of research into CBD to this point you might have come across the term “entourage effect”. The entourage effect is basically a proposed mechanism by which cannabis compounds act all together to module the overall psychoactive effects of the plant. The entourage effect helps maximize the therapeutic effects of CBD oil. This results when many components of the hemp plant interact with the human body all together producing a stronger beneficial influence than just one component alone (like CBD isolate)

What is the Entourage Effect? - CBD Products - CBD Store

If I take a full spectrum OIL that means there is THC in it right?

Technically yes you would be correct that if you purchase a full spectrum CBD it will include elements of THC. The actual percentage of THC in a full spectrum oil can vary from trace amounts to a 1:1 ratio of THC/CBD. Here at ChilliwackCBD all our products are derived from hemp specifically but they do not contain nearly enough THC in them to produce any high effect. Let me say that again, our products will not give you a high. All of our products contain less than 0.3% THC which is well below what you would need to get you a high (even at maximum dosages).

The wheel of Benefits

If you were looking at that picture near the top of the page describing all the benefits of CBD specifically you might have noticed that it was originally a circle but we edited out the rest to show you the true benefits of Full Spectrum CBD.

cbd vs full spectrum

You can see from the above image that CBD is not the only cannabinoid to have benefits. When you remove CBD from the rest of the plant matter you are just getting the benefits of CBD and not other cannabinoids such as CBG, THC, CBCA, CBC, and the list goes on and on.

You might be asking yourself now, why would someone choose a CBD isolate when there are so many more benefits with a full spectrum? That’s a great question without an easy answer. There is a certain stigma around THC specifically. People believe that any amount of THC may be bad or induce an intoxicating effect which simply is just not true. It’s true that the full spectrum can be derived from either Hemp or Marijuana but as long as the THC percentage is 0.3% or below then there is really no chance to get an intoxicating effect.

When the whole plant matter is used and all the different cannabinoids (such as CBD, CBG, THC, CBCA) can work together this is called the entourage effect. CBD is very beneficial on its own but when it has support from other cannabinoids you will see many more overall benefits and it will produce a stronger influence than any one of those components alone – it’s a synergistic effect.

I hope this has opened your eyes and taught you a little more about the differences between CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD.