One of the biggest questions we get asked on a constant basis is our recommendation for certain products in certain categories for CBD products. I can certainly understand this from a customer point of view because of the sheer amount of products that we have to offer. As a consumer myself I often look toward the company to help me in making decisions about the popular items that other consumers of the business are buying. We wanted to write a blog article dedicated to our top picks in certain categories to help our customers know what’s popular and for what reason.

Why are there so many CBD product choices to begin with?
This is a great question with a similar answer when you look toward other industries and retail shops. We like having a variety instead of a set few amounts of products. Different suppliers create their products differently and CBD is not a one size fits all type of product. Having a variety allows our customers to try different products and see if one or the other works better for them. We are not saying that we bring in anything and everything we can because that’s simply not the case. We have a handful of hand-picked suppliers and manufacturers we deal with for our CBD products here in Canada. All CBD is certainly not created equally so based on our experience we pick those certain suppliers based on a few requirements and quality and lab testing are the two things that stand out the most.

Does the type of ailment influence the type of product I should be purchasing?
The short answer to this question would actually be yes, the type of CBD product you purchase such as topicals, vapes, tinctures, capsules can have a more positive effect on certain ailments. This is again the reason why we have so many different CBD product types. Someone dealing with anxiety attacks or panic attacks might benefit more from an inhalable product such as a vape pen over let’s say capsules or a tincture because of the fact that the effective time of vaping is the quickest of all the methods. When you are in the midst of a panic attack you probably want a product that acts quickly. The only downside in this situation is because the bioavailability of vaping is lower than all other products the effect time overall is far less than a tincture oil or capsules. Trial and error when using CBD products is certainly something we see our customers do as they find out capsules might work better for them than a tincture or vice versa.

 Our Top CBD gummies pick

Our go-to recommendation for any existing or new customers would certainly be our CBDfx gummies. They come in a variety of options which give you different flavours but also serve different purposes as well. The biggest reason for our recommendation on these certain gummies overall though would certainly be because of the cost per MG of CBD. They are very inexpensive overall when comparing them to other products we carry and especially when comparing them against our competitors. They are produced by CBDfx which is a big name in the CBD industry and are also committed to high-quality ingredients, lab testing and have a very large customer following. The CBDfx gummies, especially the mixed berries simply taste amazing at the same time.

We have been carrying these for many years so the amount of feedback we get regarding these gummies is always a consistent 5 stars. The mixed berry gummies as pictured below would be your ideal choice if you’re looking to start out for the first time. They taste great and for a great price point, they are certainly our first recommendation. If you are looking for a CBD gummy which is more or less focused on the sleeping aspect of your ailment then checkout the CBDfx gummies with added melatonin. If you are looking for a CBD gummy ideally focused on inflammation-related ailments then checkout the CBDfx gummies with added spirulina and turmeric.

If you are someone looking for a great multivitamin with added CBD then look no further because CBDfx also has Men’s multivitamins and Women’s multivitamins.

The other reason we love CBDfx gummies is due to the fact we carry the sample packs which are the same great gummy but more of a trial size bag. You can find all the gummy options in our CBD Gummies section.

CBD FX CBD Gummies Canada


Our Top CBD Topicals Pick

When it comes to topicals there are a bunch of different options. Just like a tincture or capsules, you have the choice between CBD isolate, broad-spectrum and full spectrum. CBD isolate is essentially just the CBD that has been isolate from any other cannabinoid when it’s extracted. This ensures pure CBD and nothing of anything else including THC. Broad-spectrum leaves much of the plant matter but gets rid of the THC. The full spectrum usually includes a tiny bit of THC which is beneficial if you want the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. Keep in mind though all the products we carry are derived from hemp so the natural levels of THC are incredibly low.

Keeping that in mind I’m simply going to give some recommendations based on our customer’s feedback I’ve learned over the past few years. Many of our customers who are buying topical lotions and balms are typically looking to help with sore muscles or sore joints. It’s common we get customers buying because of knee problems or hip problems or they are on the waitlist to get knee or hip replacement and looking for a non-pharmaceutical option.

The Coast Botanik cool stick has been a  top seller for us. It’s a full-spectrum CBD product that gives a nice cooling sensation with the added essential oils. Do not let the deodorant stick fool you, it’s a great way to apply this semi-hard balm and keep it mess-free.

chilliwack coast botanik cool stick balm full spectrum cbd 500mg

Another popular option is the daily remedy SALVE IT ALL. Great for someone who wants more of a salve than a balm. Many added products in this blend including st. John’s wort and calendula are great for anti-inflammation. It’s 1000mg so double the potency over the cool stick pictured above. We recommend this to many customers and they continue to tell us it was a great option. /

chilliwack daily remedy salve it all balm sq


Our Top CBD Vape Ejuice Choices

If you are looking for a CBD Vape Ejuice or Eliquid then look no further. We have been carrying some of the best quality CBD Vape Ejuice brands for years now. We find that many of our customers enjoy taking their CBD via inhalation such as vaping it. The pro to vaping your CBD is that the bioavailability is the highest out of all dosing methods. This essentially means that when your vape your CBD it enters your bloodstream the quickest giving you the quickest effect times to start feeling the benefits of the CBD with whatever ailment you are using it for. For someone with anxiety and/or panic attacks vaping CBD might prove one of the best options in that time because you can start feeling it quicker than capsules or tinctures. We have customers vaping CBD to help with sleep disorders, pain, inflammation, and so on.

When we look at the choices available and the price points our choice for top CBD Vape Ejuice is our Savage branded CBD vape ejuice. It’s manufactured by a company that has been in the vape industry for many many years so they are no stranger to making good-tasting ejuice and also have the knowledge of CBD to combine both together. They come in a variety of strengths such as 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. In the 1000mg choices, they also have a VAPESHOT which is a flavourless bottle. This is great if you want no flavour at all or you want to add it to your existing ejuice and get the benefits of the CBD

250MG Savage Vape Ejuice
500MG Savage Vape Ejuice
1000MG Savage Vape Ejuice

chilliwack savage e liquid 250mg tranquil


Our Top CBD For Pets Products

There is no lack of people looking for quality CBD products for their pets. If this is what you’re looking for then your in luck because we have you stocked fully for tinctures and pet treats and even some CBD bath bombs for dogs!

There are a few brands that we certainly promote more than others and for great reasons. CBDfx has been a staple brand we have carried for 2.5 years now. They are a big company with a commitment to high-quality CBD products and everything they produce comes with great lab testing results. CBDfx is constantly evolving and changing its product to keep up with the market and its retail pricing is some of the lowest around for the same quality. The CBDfx for pets tinctures recently changed to include bacon flavour which your pet is sure to love. The CBDfx for pets comes in a variety of flavour choices which is ideal for all-sized dogs.

cbd for pets canada

Creating Brighter Days is another company we heavily suggest because we think they are just amazing. Creating Brighter Days is a Canadian company based in British Columbia, Canada. They have a vet on staff and nutritionists who help create products that are great for your pets. They have a line of CBD isolate tinctures, CBD tinctures which are full-spectrum, and CBD dog treats. They have the same high-quality features as CBDfx as well as get all the products they manufacture lab-tested to ensure a high-quality product with high-quality CBD. If you are looking for a Canadian-made CBD company then look no further than Creating Brighter Days. One of the differences between Creating Brighter Days and CBDfx is the CBD mg options, this might be a consideration for you when comparing different brands.

creating brighter days cbd

The other thing we love about Creating Brighter Days is the CBD dog treat options that are made available to us. We have a healthy supply of these treats and our customers love them. The biggest benefit is that they are dry treats that have a certain amount of CBD on each treat. They are much easier to give your dog over the CBD tincture oil and if your dog loves treats then they will love these CBD treats from Creating Brighter Days. They come in a variety of options to target a variety of ailments. The CBD content is the same for all the CBD treats but the changes in ingredients are the thing that targets different ailments.

cbd dog treats canada


Our Top Disposible CBD Vape Pens

Disposable CBD vape pens were one of the first products that we ever brought on and we continue to sell them. The CBDfx vape pens have been our top seller for many years but with the advancement of vape pens, we have some new top recommendations. Plant Of Life vape pens are a newer brand of vape pens that we brought in a little over 6 months ago and we have been very impressed by them. Not only do they contain 6x more CBD in each vape pen but they are of similar price and also come in a variety of flavours such as blueberry, grape, mango, peppermint, strawberry, and watermelon. These pens are purchased commonly by people who are using them for sleep, anxiety, panic attacks, minor pain, and inflammation.

cbd vape pen canada