Let me first off by starting this blog article by saying that if you suffer from fibromyalgia then I am sorry. It’s a terrible illness that affects the central nervous system and the symptoms are pain, pain, and more pain. I have a friend that has suffered from fibromyalgia for years and I have seen what she goes through and I do not wish that on anybody. I assume you’re at this post because you’re looking for the next thing that can help you and you are looking for the best CBD for fibromyalgia. I admire your courage and your continued research into your illness and I hope that we can give you some resource information to find the best CBD for your fibromyalgia.

What is Fibromyalgia? 

Let’s start with a summary for someone that’s not fully aware of what fibromyalgia is. Fibromyalgia is a central nervous system illness. From my research into the subject, doctors are not entirely sure the exact cause of why someone would suddenly develop fibromyalgia. The hypothesis at this point is that someone might have hereditary markers that are always there and then it’s triggered by a trauma such as stress or infection. 

The primary symptom of this awful illness is pain. The pain is usually felt all over the body in soft tissues such as the neck, back, legs, chest. Some pain is isolated or something the pain is in multiple parts of your body. The body simply overreacts to pain which shouldn’t be painful. 

A person not suffering from fibromyalgia when injured feels pain sent to the brain from your body, over time your body heals and the pain decreases. Someone with fibromyalgia will feel pain without injury and the pain simply does not go away. 

There is no cure for fibromyalgia yet and this is one of the reasons we likely see so many people on our site looking for CBD products to help with their fibromyalgia. 

Does CBD work for Fibromyalgia?

CBD is an interesting component of the cannabis plant. It’s used by people suffering from many different ailments all of which are not related such as anxiety, pain, cancer, auto-immune diseases, digestion issues, headaches, and of course fibromyalgia. The research is not as conclusive in many of these ailments to come out and say “yes, CBD works 100% of the time” but the current research does show great promise.

No big pharmaceutical companies are coming out with a CBD drug but you see the demand for it is because of regular people using it and giving testimonials of how well it’s worked for them. This is what’s driving the popularity of CBD, people who use it and talking about it to their friends and families. 

The one thing we do know is that CBD interacts with a biological system in your body called the endocannabinoid system. It’s something only discovered within the last 30 years but it’s a major biological system that interacts with many components of your body. The current research has tied the endocannabinoid system to various components of your body which include skin and nerve functions, chronic pain, appetite and digestion, inflammation, immune systems, mood, sleep, and the list goes on. The endocannabinoid system has receptors all over your body and when you use CBD it reacts with these receptors. Some experts believe that some people can have an endocannabinoid deficiency which leads people to develop such ailments, possibly like fibromyalgia.

So considering all those details is it that far off that something such as new as CBD which is still in its infancy of research could help someone with fibromyalgia which again is not fully known, I think that’s a good possibility. We only have higher hopes about CBD for fibromyalgia because of the fact of how many people suffering from fibromyalgia are using CBD products currently with great success.

CBD Reviews From Users With Fibromyalgia

Here are some of our real customers who have fibromyalgia reviewing some of the CBD products they have purchased from us. You can find all these reviews on our full list of CBD REVIEWS pages. These reviews are simply to show you the real people using CBD (specifically our products). You can do a general google search and find many more people using CBD successfully to give relief from their fibromyalgia. There is no cure, your goal is simply trying to find something to give you relief and not cure the illness. 

Tiffany (Lively, Ontario, Canada)

I ordered 3 bath bombs. They were exactly how I imagined they would be! They smell great and completely relax me and help with my pain. I suffer from fibromyalgia and I would highly recommend it. They are bigger and better than the ones I previously used. great product!

Mirella F. (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

I recently bought the CBD Lotion, almost 1 month ago and was anxious to try it on jy fibromyalgia pain areas, arms, forearms ….Feels warm at first but then tappers off. It does take away some pain only for about 2 hours. Fibromyalgia pain is widespread and I think it would impossible to apply this all over, maybe an ingestible product would be better in my case. But it does temporarily remove some pain.

Customer (Sutton West, Ontario, Canada)

I suffer from fibromyalgia and aside from the pain, my inability to fall asleep and stay asleep was a huge problem. Now that I use the sleep full spectrum vape pen, I now fall asleep easier but most importantly I stay asleep and wake up refreshed.

MJ (Delson, Quebec, Canada)

love the product, have had issues with plantar fasciitis use this once a day and can walk without pain all day. Also, use on shoulders and anywhere I have pain. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and using CBD oils, lotions, and bath bombs are perfect instead of using harsh medication which makes you feel buzzed all day. I found this to be a great relief for me. Please note that we are all different and have different results

This is by no means the end of the reviews, there are many more but I just wanted to point out that all of those customers of ours have fibromyalgia and use CBD products to help with various aspects of their illness.

Is there research done on CBD and fibromyalgia? 

There are no big studies with conclusive results but the small studies that are and have been done are very positive. Hopefully in the future more is invested into studying CBD and fibromyalgia. 

– 2009 study done on the Analgesic Potential of Cannabinoids ( thc/cbd)

2011 study done on fibro patients who used cannabis and effects on symptom relief 

A small study done in 2019 with 20 women who had fibromyalgia and each were given 4 different types of cannabis ratios (thc and cbd)

2019 study of 100’s of people with fibromyalgia were given cannabis to measure the efficiency 

The information is out there for people who want to look into it further. Do your research (which is what you’re doing now) and find the answers to the questions you’re looking for.

What is the best CBD product for fibromyalgia?

CBD usage and whichever ailment you are looking for relief from are going to differ from person to person. There is no single dosage or a single product that works better for the majority of people over another product. This is the part of the process in which you might need to do a little trial and error when using products.

One thing from all the reviews and conversations with fibro users I have had is that pain seemed to diminish when using a topical product. This means that topical products such as CBD Lotions/BalmsCBD Bath SaltsCBD Bath Bombs are great starting points. These are pretty cheap methods all-around to test the waters and see if it does give you any relief.

The other thing to remember and take into consideration if you are looking to try CBD is that for some people it works immediately and for other people it takes a few weeks, do not give up after 1 time if you do not find relief. This is even more true for a product such as a CBD oil tincture that you ingest. A CBD oil tincture is something that you want to take for 30 days every day before deciding if it worked or not.

The goal is fibro is to find something that reduces the symptoms, which in this case is pain. CBD is a great product over a prescription because it’s a natural product. It’s extracted from a plant and for that reason alone it’s worth trying at least.

I have had customers as you can see that have tried CBD vape products with great success but the only comment I make regarding this is that if you do not vape or smoke already then stay away from this method. Vaping is a fairly safe method of taking CBD but the long-term effects of vaping have not been documented past the previous 10 years. Better to be safe than sorry.