Hello ChilliwackCBD Shoppers,

As we continue into what we call our COVID life i must remind you to please be patient with our shipping times. We have tried to set the expectations in regards to shipping time the best we possibly can but we are still getting emails asking where there parcel is. We thought we would write another blog regarding the CanadaPost delays and why it’s happening.

Due to the fact  that many Canadians are still doing their part by staying home, this has lead to a record number of people doing online shopping. The record numbers of parcels that CanadaPost is facing right now is pretty extreme. As an example, last  Tuesday CanadaPost delivered 2.1 million parcels on a Tuesday. To give you a comparison, last boxing day and cyber Monday they delivered about 2 million parcels. CanadaPost is seeing XMAS levels of shipping on a daily basis and continue to almost every day.

CanadaPost has 21 sort facilities Canada Wide and because they are trying to do social distancing themselves this leads to longer processing times. I know people that also work at CanadaPost and they are also experiencing staffing shortages.

All of this combined has lead to some pretty big delays in regards to shipping your parcels ( not everyone ). Some people we have seen have been unaffected while others have waited a week or two longer the normal.

We continue still to offer both expedited and express shipping and we still believe the express does get to it’s destination sooner (as it’s higher priority). CanadaPost has cancelled their service time guarantees months ago though.

This is a strange time we are living in and if we can all be a little more patient that would be appreciated. Once a package ships from our location we have no ability to speed it up or make changes. If your parcel looks like it’s sitting at a sort facility for 4 days, it’s because it probably is just sitting there waiting to be processed and not lost.

Out of the last 1000 parcels we have shipped i would say only 1 truly went missing. You are always welcome to call CanadaPost yourself and inquire and file a ticket with them. When the receiver submits a ticket usually you get a response in 3 days and when we submit a ticket (as the receiver) it takes about 2 weeks.

Please reach out if you have any further questions.