When we first started this company we knew it could help people. We knew that CBD worked for many and as long as we brought in good reputable companies that stood behind their products and use quality ingredients, quality CBD, and have transparent lab testing, that we could help a lot of people.

Growing up in a family with a father as a salesman, you learn a few things along the way. One of the most profound tips he gave me was to know your product inside and out. This means knowing more than the most knowledgable client or knowing as much as any expert in the field (or as close as possible). Self-education has been a skill that has come naturally to me. When we created this company I wanted to ensure that any customer that visits the website would find as much information as they need. This brings us to the current blog article, CBD Books you need to read.

Before starting ChilliwackCBD I would read as many blogs and articles and reference material as possible. I wanted to ensure the answers that I give had some sort of merit and was accurate and correct. CBD books are as close as we can get to experts when referencing material. This is based on the fact that there has not been overly much hard research and trials done on CBD for the hundreds of different ailments people indeed use CBD for.

In this short blog, I wanted to list a few of the books that I read on CBD which brought much value to me (when I first started learning and even one of the latest books I read which were very in-depth and had great detail).

If you are serious about learning more about CBD. This could be either an interest in CBD overall or because you are wanting to learn more about it because you have a certain ailment you are looking for relief from then you want to be reading CBD books.

My 1st CBD book recommendation:

This was one of the first books I came across during my initial research into expanding my knowledge of CBD. This book would really be geared toward anyone starting their journey into CBD and just learning the basics. The book itself was great at taking away the myths and destigmatizes CBD and really reveals the power of CBD as a wellness product.

The author Gretchen has a background as a medical practitioner. She also has a master’s in physiology and biophysics with a concentration in complementary and alternative medicine from Georgetown University. Furthermore, she has many years of integrative medicine. She brings not only her own research but experimentation with CBD as a non-cannabis user. I had the opportunity to talk to Gretchen over social media and have currently asked her some questions to include in this Blog. I am still awaiting her answers and will update this blog when I do get the answers to my questions I asked her.

The book is a GREAT introduction to CBD for someone who is at the starting point in their journey. Even though I already had read much of what was covered it was great to hear her professional experiences and the way she described CBD at the very basic aspect and in very simple terms. I have recommended this book to many clients over the year and they all seemed to appreciate the book.

If you are wanting to know more about CBD, past the resources we offer on this site then be sure to pick up this book.

My 2nd CBD book recommendation:

When I was trying to evolve my knowledge of CBD this book was one of my top interests simply because it goes over CBD at an ailment level. It talks about all ailments from PTSD, Anxiety, Cancer, Arthritis, Inflammation, Auto-immune, and so on. It’s very detailed and goes into expert-type conversation about CBD and how it actually works on a case-by-case basis with each ailment.

I was actually on a waitlist (pre-order) for a few months (simply because I was waiting for the audiobook) and I can say it was well worth the wait. I learned about double as much as all my other research combined simply by reading this book. What I personally cared about and what most people I assume care about is their own ailment and how/if CBD can help. This book goes into great depth to answer those questions not only in my opinion but also by research being done.

Because the book is so new it probably has the most up-to-date reference material including research and trials. This book goes onto speak about dosing recommendations and where to start depending on the ailment and goes further into pet dosages.

HIGHLY recommend this book.

If those 2 choices did not pique your interest then you can have a look through all the other books (mostly listed on Amazon).