You are reading this article most likely because you’re either looking for products or researching specifically CBD gummies for pain. You have certainly come to the right place. We are a Canadian online e-commerce site that specialized in hemp-derived CBD products and more specifically we have many CBD gummies for pain and many other ailments it’s used for. We will go more in-depth specifically about CBD gummies for pain and why people are looking for this path of relief.

According to a survey done to study the prevalence of chronic pain done in 2011, it showed that about 19% of people surveyed suffered from chronic pain (ref: ). On the Canadian pain task force website, it says that 1 in 5 Canadians live with chronic pain ( ref: ). Just based on these numbers it’s no wonder why people are looking for options to treat their chronic pain. Up until this point, people were forced to see a doctor and get prescribed a prescription RX. What we have been noticing in the last few years is people are now looking for an alternative such as CBD gummies for pain.

In a survey of people who used CBD products, you can see the top 2 answers given were associated with pain (either chronic pain or pain related to arthritis).

There is no question that masses of people are turning to CBD products. From the below google trends search result for “CBD” you can see over the last 5 years the interest in CBD products is increasing more and more.

Stigma Regarding CBD Products

There is certainly a stigma associated with CBD products that have existed for a pretty large time because of its association with Marijuana and THC specifically. The mass audience of non-cannabis users believes that anything associated with Marijuana must be bad because marijuana causes intoxicating effects. I believe the stigma started back in the early ’70s when President Ronald Reagan declared a “war on drugs”. Since that time any drug including marijuana was considered criminal. That stigma even with all the advances in research and medicine still stands to this day. That’s not to say the stigma is not decreasing as it certainly is but it still stands and is still a taboo subject in many parts of the country.

CBD itself is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Just remember the cannabis plant is either the marijuana or hemp plant. CBD in the past 30 years has been reduced in plants because of its ability to reduce the “high” associated with the other known cannabinoid, THC.

In the last 5 years, we are starting to see great interest from the public and CBD is coming into the spotlight because of the vast amount of research being done on it. That and the fact that CBD is now being extracted from the hemp plant which is naturally very low in THC and very high in CBD. This allows the market to sell products just like CBD gummies for the pain to have no intoxicating effects. Just remember that CBD is not an intoxicating cannabinoid-like its cousin THC.

Why CBD Gummies For Pain?

CBD gummies and more specifically people using CBD gummies for pain are what we sell a lot of here at ChilliwackCBD. I think when people associate CBD they tend to also think about the CBD oil tinctures (drops under your tongue) but CBD gummies are just as popular, if not more. I think the popularity of CBD gummies comes from a few main reasons.

  • Convenience – They look just like any other gummy candy which makes them handy to take around with them anywhere without anyone judging them.
  • Taste – They taste great, this is a big positive for people who do not like the natural earthy taste of the MCT oil typically found in the CBD oil tinctures
  • Starter Product – It’s an excellent gateway product into the world of CBD. Dosing it is very easy, cutting it in half to provide lower dosings to start is easy. The stigma associated with a gummy is much easier to get past. 
  • Mixing and Match – You cannot get bored of CBD gummies due to the variety of different gummies there are available.
  • Gifting CBD Gummies – From my observation I see many people buying CBD gummies as a first-time product for someone such as a family member or friend. They are buying the CBD gummies for pain and sending them to someone

    Do CBD gummies for pain work? 

    I think it depends entirely on a few things if you are going to get relief from your pain by using CBD gummies.

    • Dosage – In the past, I used to see many people not get relief due to the fact they were dosing too much or dosing too little. CBD is not a one size fits all type of product and each person is very different biologically which means that there is a specific dosage that works for everyone individually. If you are going to use any CBD product including CBD gummies you need a plan regarding dosing. Starting with a very low dosage and slowly working up is a great way to find the dosage that’s going to work for you. There is no point starting with 3 gummies if your body would have found relief with 1 gummy, this is just simply wasting product which leads to people finding it too expensive and simply not continuing to use it. 
    • Time – I find that some people find relief very quickly and other people find relief within a few weeks. If you are starting with a very low dosage and slowly working up in dosage then give yourself a good 30 days to see if it does give you enough relief to continue to use the product.
    • CBD Types – I wish it was as easy as telling you there is only 1 type of CBD product but there are a few options. These options include CBD isolate, CBD broad-spectrum, and CBD full spectrum. CBD isolate is simply pure CBD powder added to the product in question. CBD isolate has no other cannabinoids of plant matter, only CBD isolate. This is a good product choice for someone who does not want anything else other than CBD, the drawback to this is that the full plant matter often has superior benefits which are good for someone with chronic pain. CBD broad-spectrum is CBD and full plant matter without any THC. CBD full spectrum is probably the most popular product and includes CBD and full plant matter and many other cannabinoids (including CBN, CBG, trace amounts of THC, terpenes). 

      From the wheel below you can see that CBD is not the only beneficial cannabinoid when it comes to helping chronic pain. If the product you are buying is hemp-derived and full-spectrum then the THC levels would be very very low, too low to give any intoxicating effect. Remember that CBD itself combats the “high” associated with THC. Any reputable online CBD retailer should give you access to third-party lab reports so you can see the CBD content vs anything else including THC.

      What does CBD research say?

      There is certainly no lack of research on people using CBD for chronic pain and arthritis. You can find plenty of research on the matter if you look hard enough. Here are a few I found in a matter of 2 minutes on google. The evidence supports why you are increasingly hearing people turning to CBD products such as CBD gummies for chronic pain.

      Tips for buying CBD gummies for pain

      • Retailer – Find a good retailer who is going to be there for however long you need them. Google reviews or verified customer reviews should give you a good indication if you are dealing with a good company. Stay away from companies brand new
      • Lab results – if you can find a company that lets you read their lab results then this is great. It lets you know the CBD content of the CBD gummies you are going to buy and if it has THC (might be something you want to know)
      • Dose low and slow – There is no need to take more at the start because you think more is better. This is simply not the case and will probably turn you off from CBD gummies because of the cost associated with it if you use more than you should be.
      • Transition to a CBD tincture – If after trying the CBD gummies you find it helps with your pain then look into getting a CBD oil tincture instead of gummies the next time. This usually decreases the cost greatly because of the convenience factor you pay when you are buying CBD gummies.
      • Keep the gummies away from children – There is no harm with children eating them but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Depending on the type of CBD gummy you get (if you get them elsewhere you might be getting a higher THC concentration) you want to always ensure to store them away from children. The gummies look like regular gummies and if a child was to find them they would not know the difference.
      • Buy within Canada – CBD in Canada and the USA are still considered regulated drugs. Do not try and buy from the USA and ship across the border.


      I hope this article brought you closer to your decision on using CBD gummies for pain or any other ailment you are looking for relief from. By no way am I going to say that CBD will change your life (even though for some people it has), some people simply do not get relief from CBD. CBD is certainly a good and safe option to try over prescription drugs, which I strongly believe in. Humans have been using cannabis for tens of thousands of years and before they had laboratories they could make synthetic drugs from they had to use what was growing and natural. The stigma of the last 50 years has put our research in cannabis behind but we are starting to rebound and new information is coming out every day regarding the benefits of cannabis.