We have a ton of customers that purchase CBD vape oil pens. While they are searching for “oil”, it’s not oil in most cases. Vaping a strait oil like an MCT oil or coconut oil is pretty bad for your health and could lead to damage to your lungs unless you are using something like a fractioned oil that removes all the long-chain triglycerides (which are the bad stuff). Most CBD vape oil pens contain the same thing someone who vapes electronic cigarettes, of course without the nicotine though. These ingredients are called Propolyne Glycol and Vegetable glycerin. They have been documented and are fairly safe for inhalation. Saying that there are no long-term studies (past 10 years), so always be cautious whenever putting something in your lungs.  So when someone is looking for a CBD OIL vape it’s the wrong terminology. We simply call it a CBD VAPE PEN and not CBD vape oil pens and the ingredients you usually will see are CBD, PG, and VG like we mentioned above. 



Yes, of course, you can vape CBD? You would typically vape it with other carrier ingredients as well such as PG and VG. We have many options to choose from in our vape sections on this website.

How to use CBD vape oil or pens?

You typically have two options. You can buy a vape device such as a Uwell Caliburn, but any open pod vape device works. Then you get vape liquid (like we have here). This is the refillable option and much cheaper in the longer run. Your second option is to buy a disposable vape pen which is cheaper upfront but more expensive in the long run. The benefit is that you can play around with flavors much easier. You simply vape either option as much or as little as you want to find relief from whichever ailment you are looking for relief from. 

How does vaping CBD feel like?

This is a great question and most commonly asked but someone who does not vape or smoke, or previously even tried one or the other. If you have vaped before then the experience and the throat hit might be around the same. The absence of nicotine means you will not get the same throat hit sensation but the inhalation will feel the same. If you are or were a smoker the sensation of vaping is somewhat similar to the sensation of smoking aside from the big throat hit which usually is caused by the nicotine. The sensation is very realistic though. When you vape CBD most of the filler ingredients (PG/VG) are what gives the sensation and the vapor. The CBD itself will feel like when you use other CBD products, but just quicker. A feeling of calm.

What is a CBD vape additive?

There are a few types of CBD vape products on the market. The first would be a disposable pen like our Pineapple express CBD vape pens. This is simply a disposable one-time use pen. The next option you have would be a CBD Vape liquid like our 1000mg CBD vape liquids. This bottle contains everything you need to vape (aside from a vape device like a UWELL CALIBURN or any open pod system usually works well. After that, you have the option of a vape additive. It’s usually a small bottle of concentrated CBD and flavorings. People usually would add this to the existing vape liquid they have. We do not offer this choice, instead, we have a 1000mg CBD vape liquid that is unflavored. This is used by people either looking for a non-flavored vape liquid or someone that vapes nicotine and simply wants to add this to their existing liquid.

Where do I buy CBD Vape Pens in Canada?

You have come to the right place! Here at ChilliwackCBD, we have specialized in a wide range of options for you.

Disposable Vape Pens:
These are one-time-use devices. They come preloaded with vape liquid in different MG levels. the benefit of this is you do not have to buy anything other than this and also switching flavors is as easy as buying a variety of disposable vape pens. The cons are that it’s a bit more expensive in the long term.

Refillable CBD vape pens:
This is the best option for vaping CBD if you’re looking for the most cost-effective method in the long run. Typically you only need two things: a vape device, and some vape liquid.

Vape Device:
This does not have to be anything fancy and usually is not recommended to be all that powerful. The liquids we sell here are a 50/50 blend of PG/VG which means they are a thinner liquid. Closed pod vape devices (like you would find in any vape store) is a great option. I like the CBD Vape Device which uses ceramic coils which mean they simply last way longer than regular coils

chilliwack cbdfx vape kit refillable vape pen

The only other thing you need besides a vape device is the CBD Vape liquid itself and here in Canada, we have lots of options if you see our selection of vape liquids. One thing you will notice is there are different CBD mg levels to choose from (250mg, 500mg, 1000mg). If you are brand new to vaping I always suggest that someone starts at the highest level. The benefit of vaping is you can vape and stop as often as you like. With a higher MG level, you simply do not need to inhale as much CBD on a 1000mg vape liquid as a 500MG vape liquid. I have seen lots of people buy a 250MG because it’s cheaper and wish they bought something higher strength.

Can CBD Vape liquid be taken orally?

An interesting question that I get asked on rare occasions which I thought I would answer here. The only ingredients in the vape liquids are the CBD itself and the PG(propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine). Those 3 ingredients can all be ingested without harm so the answer to your question is yes it can. Saying that it’s probably not as effective as a CBD Tincture which is meant specifically for oral consumption. CBD works much better when you have a fatty carrier oil such as MCT oil. Most tinctures have this MCT oil or hemp seed oil alongside the CBD extract and the CBD vape liquids do not. So to further answer your question, yes you can and no you probably shouldn’t.

Can CBD Vape cause headaches?

The answer is both yes and no, we will explain. CBD is used by many to ease symptoms of both migraines and headaches, why would it cause headaches then is your question I assume? There are cases in which CBD can give side effects of headaches. In our experience, this has been because the user has started too high in dosage. We always emphasize when using CBD, to begin with, start low and slow. We have another article explaining how much CBD to start with which is a good read on the subject of how much CBD you should start with if you’re just starting. Another reason why CBD may give headaches to a very low amount of people is that the CBD itself is either not quality or contains solvents used in the extraction process. If this is the case try switching to a CO2-based extraction method. Some people have more sensitivity to solvents.