Important Factors When Considering Your Next CBD Oil

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a chemical compound found within the hemp plant. Unlike THC (a more commonly known compound that is found within the Marijuana plant) CBD does NOT get you “high”. I repeat, CBD on its own does not create any psychoactive effects. This leads me to my first important factor when considering your next CBD oil.

Isolate CBD / Broad-Spectrum CBD / Full- Spectrum CBD Oil

Now that you know CBD does not give any unwanted psychoactive effects, you may be looking to try some for whatever ailment you’re experiencing. You may be searching around and are learning that there are a few different types of CBD Oil on the Canadian market. Knowing the difference is important.

    1. Isolate CBD is the compound CBD extracted from the hemp plant and isolated, so it does not contain any other plant matter or any other cannabinoids found within the hemp plant. This type of CBD could be a great option for those out there who want to experience the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD without even the slightest hint of THC in your product. This may be ideal for those who are new to the world of CBD and feel a bit anxious about trying a new product, or those who are required to take drug tests and are worried about THC showing up on a potential drug test.
    2. Broad-Spectrum CBD contains several cannabis plant compounds but is typically entirely free of THC. Because Broad-Spectrum CBD contains other plant matter it creates what is known to be the “entourage effect”. Read here. The other lesser-known cannabinoids from the hemp (cannabis) plant also have their own potential health benefits. For example, CBN (Cannabinol) may have the following potential benefits: antibiotic, antiseizure, anti-inflammatory. Broad-Spectrum CBD would be suitable for persons who want to experience the “entourage effect” without having any THC present.
    3. Full-Spectrum CBD contains numerous other cannabinoids found within the hemp plant. It also contains low levels of THC. The products that we carry at ChilliwackCBD, contain less than 0.3% THC, and so, it would not be nearly enough concentrate to create any euphoric effects. Because Full-Spectrum CBD contains other plant matter, it also creates the “Entourage Effect” (A superior potential health benefit due to all the plant matter enhancing the effects of the CBD).
    4. Third-party lab tested. This is the most important factor to us at ChilliwackCBD. We have many CBD companies reaching out to us, sending samples, and hoping to have their products on our E-Commerce store. Unfortunately, many do not pass through as the products are not lab tested. Lab testing matters absolutely. Why? Because CBD is in its infancy phase here in Canada, there are a lot of companies looking to make a quick buck and are cutting corners on the growing and extraction methods of this chemical compound. An example is If pesticides or insecticides are used in the growth of the hemp plant, it could lead to some harmful bacteria or fungi developing. The other importance of lab-tested products is that it shows the content of the other cannabinoids such as THC, CBN, CBG. The content of THC is very important to the end consumer and consumers are looking for full disclosure of this topic.