You are likely on this page because of your research of CBD or potentially looking to purchase CBD products. Here is ChilliwackCBD we have a wide range of CBD products and recently we just started including CBN & CBG products into our lineup of products.

What IS CBN & CBG?
Just like CBD, CBN/CBG are other cannabinoids extracted from the plant. They are lesser-known cannabinoids but just like CBD, they have specific benefits they could potentially bring to someone who uses those cannabinoids.

When we look at the Cannabinoid chart we can see which ailments certain cannabinoids can assist with more or less.

From the above chart, you can see that CBD is more or less popular because of the range of ailments that it has the ability to cover. This is not saying that the other cannabinoids are of no use but on their own, they are not as beneficial as CBD.

When you use more of the plant matter and can utilize many cannabinoids all together this is called the “entourage effect”. All cannabinoids work together to give more benefits than certain ones on their own.

CBN as you can see on the chart has benefits in certain areas such as relieving pain, sleep aid, suppressing muscle spasms. These certain characteristics make CBN a great addition to a sleep aid product such as this. The below product’s main cannabinoid is CBN but contains a broad spectrum of cannabinoids (entourage effect) plus the addition of more CBN.

CBG on the other hand has other properties that make it better for things such as anxiety, psoriasis, Inflammation, bone-stimulant, eye health, brain health, and so on. A product we sell that specifically adds in additional CBG would be these capsules which happen to be a “morning” capsule simply because they have additional caffeine in them.

While this blog article might not contain every detail about CBN and CBG I hope it does open your eyes a little more about additional cannabinoids available here in Canada. CBD is probably the best-researched cannabis and does seem to offer many more benefits over other cannabinoids but when used in combination with products that contain additional cannabinoids it might be exactly the product that you need.
I highly suggest if this is of interest to you, to do your own research on this subject. There is great resource information out there to look at and expand your knowledge. I hope that helped you increase your knowledge of cbg & cbn